Raymond Dokpesi Wife

AIT founder Raymond Dokpesi exchanged marriage vows multiple times. Tosin Dokpesi was his fourth wife. Find out more about the late media businessman’s spouse and children below.

Raymond Dokpesi was a renowned Nigerian media businessman who was the chairman of DAAR Communications Pic. He also founded African Independent Television, AIT.

Sadly, Dokpesi is no longer with us. He reportedly died after a stroke on 29 May 2023 at 71. He breathed his last at an Abuja hospital.

Following the demise of the prominent Nigerian media tycoon, many want to learn more about his personal life, particularly his marital life. Here’s all we know.

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Who Is Tosin Dokpesi, Raymond Dokpesi Wife? Wikipedia And Age

Tosin Dokpesi is the fourth wife of Raymond Dokpesi.

Raymond and Tosin got married in 2002. The married duo led a happy family and welcomed a few kids. Tosin was still married to the late businessman when he died.

Raymond Dokpesi Wife
Tosin Dokpesi is the fourth wife of Raymond Dokpesi . (Image Source: Kemi Filani)

Moreover, Tosin Dokpesi celebrated her 80th birthday in 2019. Mrs. Dokpesi was born in 1969. Thus, as of 2023, She is  54 years old.

Apart from being a loving spouse and doting mother, Tosin is also a working woman. As of the 2019’s report, the Nigerian businessman’s wife served as the managing director of Africa Independent Television, a division of Nigeria’s leading private television network.

Tosin Dokpesi holds a degree in zoology from the University of Lagos. Despite earning her college degree in science, her passion for communication via the medium of the television tube was remarkable.

Later, Mrs. Dokpesi earned her master’s degree in mass communication and began her professional career in the media industry. The AIT founder’s wife initially worked at a multimedia limited and Clapperboard TV.

Finally, in the mid-1996, Tosin landed a job at DAAR Communications. With her clear, limpid gaze and refreshing way of delivering news, Tosin became the face of AIT.

The DAAR Communication founder fell head over heels for her; the rest is history.

Who Was Raymond Dokpesi First Wife?

The Nigerian media tycoon exchange the marriage vows for the first time with a Polish woman. Mr. Dokpesi deeply cherished his first wife. 

Raymond Dokpesi Wife
Raymond Dokpesi’s first wife was a Polish woman. (Image Source: Daily Post)

DAAR Communication’s founder wanted to spend his entire life with the woman. However, the businessman’s first spouse was the only child of her parents. As a result, Raymond’s first better half had to stay with her parents in Poland.

In an interview, Mr. Dokpesi revealed that he went to Poland over sixteen times and requested his lady love to come to Nigeria and stay.

However, as the only child of her parents, Raymond’s former wife could not leave her parents behind and decided to stay with them.

When Raymond returned to Nigeria, his mother was anxious and said he should have his children. The kids he can see and meet without boarding a plane. “That whole thing caused the instability that later affected my life,” revealed the late businessman.

The late businessman said that polygamy was one of the greatest errors of his life. “However, it is not something that I wished or desired. It was a scenario that arose, and I had no choice but to accept it,” said Raymond in the same interview.

How Many Children Does Raymond Dokpesi Have?

Raymond Dokpesi was a doting father to his six children, including Raymond Dokpesi Jr., Homio Zaida Dokpesi, and Regina Dokpesi.

All of the businessman’s children are grown up. The Dokpesi sibling leads their lives independently. Moreover, the AIT founder’s children often make headlines with their personal life issues.

According to reports, Homio Zaida Dokpesi is also an entrepreneur, accountant, public speaker and economist. Likewise, Regina is a presenter at DAAR Communication Plc.

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