Rajwinder Singh wife

Before killing Toyah Cordingley, the Indian native had a contentious fight with his spouse. But who is Rajwinder Singh wife? Was he still living with his spouse and children?

Toyah Cordingley, then 24, was found dead on a tropical northern Australian beach in October 2018. The attack has been addressed as “frenzied and vicious and sadistic.”

Four years after, a man named Rajwinder Singh was arrested in India over the murder of Toyah. The Queensland government offered a A$1 million prize for information earlier this month.

The Indian officers arrested the man on 25 November 2022. Keep reading to find out why Rajwinder Singh killed the Australian woman and the details of the charges.

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Toyah Cordingley Case: Why Did Rajwinder Singh Kill Her?

On 21 October 2018, Toyah Cordingley was walking with her dog at Wangetti beach, in Queensland, reports India Today.

Rajwinder Singh, an Indian nurse, also happened to be at the same beach and was carrying a knife and some fruits. He had reportedly left his Home following a contentious fight with his spouse.

When Cordingley’s dog barked at Rajwinder, he got infuriated, which resulted in a fight. Singh allegedly stabbed her many times.

Rajwinder Singh wife
Rajwinder Singh allegedly killed Toyah Cordingley because her dog barked at him. (Source: Yahoo News)

Before returning to his House in Innisfail, he buried Toyah’s body in the dunes and tied the dog to a tree. Rajwinder was living two hours away from the crime scene.

Toyah Cordingley’s half-buried body was found by her dad the next day. On the other hand, Singh left behind his job, partner, and three kids and fled Australia hours after the woman’s body was discovered.

He was seen on CCTV footage at Sydney’s main airport on 23 October 2018. It’s believed that he had taken a flight from Cairns Airport to Sydney before continuing to India.

Who Is Rajwinder Singh Wife?

The name and other details about Rajwinder Singh’s wife are still confidential. With his spouse and three children, Singh was living in Australia.

According to Indian Express, Rajwinder Singh wasn’t in touch with his wife or kids. In addition, he hasn’t been in contact with his parents either.

The accused frequently changed his hideouts in Punjab and Delhi and continuously changed his appearance to evade arrest.

Rajwinder Singh’s Arrest And Charge

On 25 November 2022, Rajwinder Singh was arrested from North Delhi’s GT Karnal Road.

After his appearance in a Dehli court, Rajwinder was taken to Tihar jail. He will remain in custody until the next court appearance on 30 November 2022.

He had already left the country when Queensland Police began their chase to apprehend him. A Red Corner Notice from Interpol was issued against Singh, 38.

Rajwinder Singh wife
Delhi Police arrested Rajwinder Singh from North Delhi’s GT Karnal Road. (Souce: Indian Post)

He was the subject of a non-bailable warrant issued by the Patiala House Court on 21 November 2022 under the Extradition Act.

Indian authorities granted Australia’s request for an extradition order last month, which was sought in March 2021. However, they had not been able to locate the 38-year-old.

Moreover, the award represented the highest prize ever given in Queensland.

Troy Cordingley, Toyah Cordingley’s Father, stated his daughter was a young woman who would never have the chance to live a full life and all that implies because this was taken away from her when the prize money was announced.

While justice will not bring Toyah Cordingley back to life, it is the very least she deserves, added Mr. Cordingley. Hopefully, Toyah Cordingley will get justice soon.

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