Tracy Cantlope Arrested

The assistant principal at Enterprise High School, Tracy Cantlope, was arrested over the weekend. The assistant principal has been charged with domestic violence.

Tracy Cantlope earned his master’s degree in education administration or instructional leadership. He has been teaching for nearly two decades.

According to authorities, the Dothan native got into an altercation with a family member that reportedly turned physical.

The victim complained of pain, resulting in the assistant principal’s arrest and charges. The domestic violence case has grabbed considerable media attention. In addition, there are many queries surrounding the case.

Who is the victim who filed the complaints at the police station? Is Tracy Cantlope in jail now? Here is everything we know about the Enterprise High School assistant principal’s arrest case.

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Tracy Cantlope Arrested And Charged: Accused Of Domestic Violence

Dothan police officer arrested and charged the Enterprise High School assistant principal, Tracy Cantlope, on Sunday (30 April 2023).

Tracy Dyoun Cantlope was arrested following a dispute with a family member, which reportedly turned physical. The family member reached out to police complaining about pain.

Tracy Cantlope Arrested
Enterprise High School’s assistant principal was charged with domestic violence. (Image Source: WTVY)

Despite the complaints about pain, police revealed there were no visible/physical injuries.

The prison record revealed that the 50-year-old was charged with third-degree domestic violence. He was held in the Dothan City Jail.

But, the charge was a misdemeanor. As a result, the assistant principal has been released from police custody on bond.

Dothan Police spokesperson didn’t reveal the identity of the person who filed complaints at the police station.

Enterprise High School Principal Stan Sauls stated that the school had been made aware of the matter and that any claim was taken seriously.

Who Is Tracy Cantlope?

According to the Enterprise High School official faculty page, Tracy Cantlope is an assistant principal at the school. He is from Dothan, Alabama.

Apart from his professional life, the assistant principal is a married man with kids. Tracy Cantlope is happily married to his wife, Nakia Cantlope.

Tracy Cantlope Arrested
Tracy Cantlope, a married man with three children, has been charged with third-degree domestic violence. (Image Source: WDHN)

In addition, the married duo is blessed with three lovely children – Cason, Kamryn, and Kaelyn Catlope.

Could Tracy’s wife be the family member with whom he had a dispute? However, the family member’s identity has been kept confidential for security. Thus, we can’t confirm who filed complaints against the educator.

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Tracy Cantlope Is A Graduate Of The University Of Arkansas

Tracy Cantlope grew up with his family and attended Northview High School in his hometown.

After completing his formal education, the 50-year-old, enrolled at the University of Arkansas.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Afterward, Cantlope attended Troy University to earn his master’s degree in instructional leadership/education administration.

Cantlope has been involved in the teaching field for a long time. As of this writing, he has been teaching for 17 years. Also, it has been nine years since he got a job as an administrator.

The assistant principal of Enterprise High School said education is his passion and calling. He aims to educate, equip, and empower young kids to prepare them for life beyond graduation.

“Each day, I look forward to investing in the lives of our youth which is our society’s most valuable commodity,” Cantlope wrote in his bio on the high school’s faculty page.

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