Tommy Playboy Murder

After Thomas Blackwell, also known as Tommy Playboy passed away, people are intrigued to know whether he was killed or did he commit suicide. Here’s everything we know about the Tommy Playboy murder case.

Tommy was a hard-working New York City artist who served as an inspiration to many.  He was well-loved and well-known for participation in ballroom culture.

The model also had high hopes to “walk for Balenciaga soon,” as he stated on their Tik Tok account.

Breaking all the stereotypes, transgender, Tommy Playboy also known as Thomas Blackwell was a role model to many people who were afraid of taking bold decisions in their life.

Unfortunately, the bold and brave model, Thomas Blackwell has passed away after reportedly missing a few days earlier.

The entire entertainment industry has been shocked by the news of his sudden death. And people want to know if was he murdered or did he commit suicide.

Hence, via this article, let’s find out if the transgender Tommy Playboy was killed or did he took his own life in detail.

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Transgender Tommy Playboy Murder Or Suicide

After being reportedly missing for a few days, in an Instagram post, friends of Tommy Playboy revealed that they had passed away three days later.

After the shocking news came out, Thomas Blackwell’s supporters and lovers wanted to know more about his death case and wanted to find out if he was murdered or did he commit suicide.

However, very little information regarding his cause of death has been revealed on the internet.

Nonetheless, a cash app was made available on, with all revenues going towards cremation and to help Tommy’s younger sisters and her child.

Tommy Playboy Murder
Tommy Playboy’s joyful nature and bold mindset will always be remembered. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, after his death, people divided themselves into two groups, one believes that he was murdered, and the next group believes he committed suicide.

However, it is still unknown if Tommy Playboy killed himself or was murdered as the investigations are still going on.

Who Killed Thomas Blackwell?

The NYC artist, Tommy Playboy passed away on 5th April 2023. Many of his friends and admirers have expressed their gratitude on social media after his sudden and untimely demise.

The model’s death’s cause of death and the specifics of its circumstances have not yet been disclosed. Hence, it is unknown if he was killed or not.

However, since the news of his disappearance broke a few days ago, there are chances that he was killed by someone.

Still, without any official confirmation from the investigation department, it will not be appropriate to pass our own judgments.

Thomas Blackwell was reported as being 5 feet 10 inches tall with a Chinese symbol face tattoo. He was last spotted at 59th Street (Colombus Circle). He was dressed in multicolored boots with fur and fishnets and a fuzzy suit.

Tommy Playboy Murder
It is unknown if Transgender Tommy Playboy was murdered or not. (Source: Instagram)

His sudden death comes off as a great shock to his community and many believe that he was killed because of his identity.

Who Was Tommy Playboy For The World?

A well-known model, dancer, movement artist, and dancer based in New York City, Tommy Playboy’s real name was Thomas Blackwell.

The talented artist was escalating in his modeling career but yet had to establish a solid foundation.

Apparently, Tommy Playboy performed a dance in La Luz, Thalia’s music video. He also directed the Life of the Party music videos that his friends made.

Thomas Blackwell was a gifted artist who was able to bring out the best in others, based on how those who knew him remembered him.

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