Trisha Stratford

Trisha Stratford husband: was she married? Trisha’s unexpected death has brought significant silence on the internet. Everything on her relationship timeline. 

Trisha Stratford was the former Married At First Sight Australia expert and clinical neuropsychotherapist. She has passed away at the age of 72. 

Besides, Stratford was also a journalist who worked in New Zealand and around the world for the BBC and CNN.

Also, she produced and directed over 22 prime-time TV Documentaries.

In addition to that, Trisha worked for 60 Minutes in New Zealand and Australia.

Apart from her work in television, Stratford was a talented author, and her books include Blood Money and Guts Tears’ n’ Glory.

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Trisha Stratford Husband: Was She Married?

Trisha Stratford husband name has been searched by many people following her demise at the age of 72.

Stratford was unmarried and didn’t have a husband at the time of her death.

However, she is survived by her partner Roger, who is said to be a New Zealand businessman.

They were together for a long time and supported each other in every step of their life.

Despite being together for years, Trisha and Roger didn’t tie the knot.

Apart from that, Stratford is also survived by her daughter Gina, whose father’s identity remains unclear.

Trisha Stratford Husband
Trisha Stratford and her partner Roger lived a happy life for a long time. (Source: Now To Love)

Some people have speculated that Stratford may have married in the past as she gave birth to a daughter.

Despite all the topics related to her personal life, Stratford never said anything about her matters in the public domain.

As online users are concerned about Stratford’s personal life, more details may be updated in the future.

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Trisha Stratford And Partner Roger Relationship Timeline Explored

Trisha Stratford lived a happy life with her partner Roger. When she left the show, MAFS, Stratford met New Zealand businessman Roger through friends. Their friends thought they’d be a good match. 

Furthermore, Trisha and Roger fell for each other later and went on their first date in February 2018.

Stratford also talked about their first meeting in an interview, saying it was natural.

Trisha Stratford and Partner Roger
Trisha Stratford and her partner Roger were introduced to each other through their friends. (Source: Now To Love)

Since then, the pair remained inseparable. All of their family members were happy about theiruniqueg relationship. It has been said that Roger has three sons.

Apart from that, when the lockdowns were lifted in 2020, Stratford returned to New Zealand to be close to Roger. After that, the pair lived in Auckland.

Trisha Stratford Was The Mother Of A Daughter

Trisha Stratford was the mother of a daughter who goes by the name of Gina.

As said earlier, Trisha maintained a distance from the media and kept her matters to herself.

Due to that, it remains unclear who the father of her daughter is. Apart from that, Gina is the only child of Stratford, who is now mourning the loss of her mother, who died recently.

Trisha Stratford Daughter
Trisha Stratford is survived by her beloved daughter,r Gina. (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

According to various online reports, Trisha is also survived by her granddaughter.

Considering this fact, it can be said that her daughter Gina is also married to her husband and has already started a family.

Further info about Trisha’s family background remains, but as of now, everyone is devasted by her passing. 

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