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Trisha Stratford was an Australian clinical psychologist and television personality known for her role on the Australian reality TV show named Married at First Sight.

Besides that, Stratford served as one of the experts on the show, where individuals are paired up and married without ever meeting each other beforehand.

Apart from that, Trisha’s long career had stints on 60 Minutes Australia and New Zealand and time as a war correspondent.

In addition, she also produced and directed a number of documentaries and published two books.

MAFS Trisha Stratford Wikipedia and Biography

Trisha Stratford was a reality TV personality who gained widespread recognition after appearing in a hit reality TV show named Married at First Sight.

Besides, she was a neuropsychologist by profession, and she specialized in the science of relationships and was best known for her pheromone tests on MAFS. 

Trisha Stratford Wikipedia
Trisha Stratford was a reality TV personality, and she was photographed with former co-star John Aiken. (Source:

Furthermore, Stratford left the show in 2020 after seven seasons, citing moral objections.

While sharing the news, she said, “After seven seasons of Married At First Sight, I have decided to step back from the television series to focus on my writing, research and neuropsychotherapy.”

As a clinical neuropsychotherapist, Stratford worked with couples and individuals in her clinical practice.

Regarding her educational background, Stratford has a PhD in Neuroscience and has done her post-doctoral research. 

Not to mention, Trisha’s background was in developmental neuropsychotherapy, psychology, corporate training, executive coaching and the media. 

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Trisha Stratford Age and Family Background Explored

Trisha Stratford age was 72 years at the time of her tragic death. She was born in Wellington, New Zealand to her parents.

The names of her father and mother remain unclear as the late reality TV star never talked about them in the media.

Stratford was highly aware of her privacy, and she kept all the details of her personal matters far from the public domain.

Trisha Stratford Age
Trisha Stratford was a native of Wellington, New Zealand and passed away at 72. (Source: TV Tonight)

Likewise, it remains unclear if Trisha had siblings or not. Due to the lack of facts, none of the media outlets has been able to track the details regarding her family background.

As of now, everyone close to Stratford is mourning the loss as Trisha passed away recently. 

How Much Was Trisha Stratford Net Worth Before Death?

Trisha Stratford net worth was pretty impressive, which she earned from her profession. By profession, she mainly worked as a clinical psychologist.

Apart from that, Trisha was also engaged in other fields and from her multiple works, Stratford was able to amass a good amount of money.

However, the actual amount of her earnings can’t be shared as the verified media sources have not given any info publicly. 

Trisha Stratford Net Worth
Trisha Stratford was a clinical psychologist who worked in the field for more than 20 years. (Source: Daily Mail)

Not to mention, a person working as a clinical psychologist earns $112604 per year. So, having the same job, Trisha may have earned in the same range.

In addition to that, she has also worked in various documentaries, which may have helped her preserve a fair amount of money. 

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