Troian Bellisario Weight Loss

Pretty Liars Actress Troian Bellisario Weight Loss became a buzzing topic after she opened fighting her eating disorder, Anorexia. 

Troian Avery Bellisario, famed for her reel name Troian Bellisario rose to fame for her breakthrough role as Spencer Hastings in the Freeform Drama series Pretty Little Liars from 2010–2017.

Tghenpreety lairs, an Actress, received worldwide recognition and multiple awards and nominations for her performance as Spencer Hastings.

After high school, Troian attended Vassar College for several months before taking a break for her mental health, feeling that the institution only enhanced her perfectionist tendencies.

Hailing from an Entertainment background, the Actress made her acting debut at three in the 1988’s film, Last Rites, which was directed, written and produced by her Father, Donald P. Bellisario. 

Fans are curious about her weight loss after she opened up about her battle with Anorexia as a child. 

Is Troian Bellisario’s Weight Loss Linked To Anorexia?

Pretty Little Liars Actress talked about the effect that Anorexia had on her body and mind; she claimed the disease almost killed her.

The Actress shared a video on her Instagram account@sleepingin the garden where she openly talked about the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of illness to save lives.

According to PEOPLE, the Actress honestly talked with her Pretty Little Liar fans about her past struggles with Anorexia.

She was in the thick of her Anorexia, and her mind constantly pushed her to restrict herself and convinced herself to live off 300 calories a day.

Troian Bellisario Weight Loss
Fans can observe changes in her earlier and present pictures vividly, which may be due to her illness (Source:Cosmoploitian)

First, in a 2014 interview with Seventeen and more recently in a November voting PSA, Troian publicly discussed her battle with eating disorders several times.

The former Liars star supports Clinton because of her work to improve the healthcare system, particularly for those suffering from mental illnesses.

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Troian Bellisario Before And After Photo

Fans can observe changes in her earlier and present pictures vividly, which may be due to her illness which she evidently admits in her interviews.

The Actress claims honesty is essential these days when young women and girls are flooded with images of “perfect” bodies. Most pictures are photoshopped and altered to show the ideal figure.

Due to her illness, she claimed the disease had absolute authority and almost killed her.

In recent years, fans can observe her recovery for ten years now.

The Actress claims Writing, producing, and acting in her new movie, Feed, helped her to get one more degree of separation from her disease and is a lifetime of work in recovery.

Troian Bellisario Heath Update

Pretty Little Liars Troian opens up about her anorexia battle in a voting PSA and advocates for Hillary Clinton’s support of mental health issues.

The Actress writes she is in recovery, acknowledged by the people around her.

Troian Bellisario Weight Loss
Troian Bellisario candidly about her battle with an eating disorder and how the struggle inspired her new film Feed.(Source:Dailymail)

The Pretty Little Actress released a statement that included her difficult journey finding her way back to health.

In addition, she wrote, through hard introspection, intense medical and mental care, a supportive family, friends, and a patient and loving partner, she survived, which is rare.

Former Pretty Little Liars’ Actress candidly about her battle with an eating disorder and how the struggle inspired her new film Feed.

Recently, the former Liars star wrote, produced and starred in the new movie Feed, about a teenager who loses control and is driven to an eating disorder after the tragic death of her twin brother. 

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