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This article gives insights into Dev Patel sister Trushna Patel’s wikipedia biography and age details. 

Dev Patel, the British actor celebrated for his breakout performance as Jamal Malik in the 2008 Oscar-winning masterpiece “Slumdog Millionaire,” has continued to captivate audiences with his remarkable talent in subsequent films.

Notable among his recent successes are “Lion” (2016), “The Personal History of David Copperfield” (2019), and “The Green Knight” (2021).

While Dev Patel’s acting career has garnered significant attention, his family remains relatively enigmatic, particularly his sister Trushna Patel.

Trushna Patel has maintained a lower profile in the public eye, choosing a life away from the spotlight.

Despite her brother’s fame, Trushna values her privacy and focuses on her endeavors.

While the spotlight may shine brightest on Dev Patel, his family, including his sister Trushna, understandably prefers to remain out of it.

As Dev continues to excel in cinema, his sister’s path remains her own, a witness to the importance of individuality and personal choices within a family dynamic.

Who Is Trushna Patel, Dev Patel’s Sister? Wikipedia Biography

Trushna Patel, the elder sister of renowned British actor Dev Patel, hails from Harrow, London, England.

Born to parents Raj and Anita Patel, who share their Gujarati Hindu heritage from Kenya, Trushna is Dev’s four-year-old senior.

Her formative years were spent in the Rayners Lane district of Harrow, where she attended Longfield Primary School and Whitmore High School, sharing these educational milestones with her younger brother.

Dev Patel Sister
Trushna Patel’s brother, Dev Patel, and their mother, Anita Patel. (Source: The Economic Times)

Unlike Dev, Trushna has chosen to lead a life away from the public eye, leaving her personal and professional life undisclosed primarily to the public.

Nevertheless, she has been a steady presence supporting her brother’s illustrious acting career.

On notable occasions, Trushna has graced film premieres and award shows alongside Dev, demonstrating her solidarity with his success.

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One memorable instance of her support was her attendance at the 2017 BAFTA Awards, where Dev claimed the prestigious Best Supporting Actor award for his outstanding portrayal in “Lion.”

While Dev’s star continues to rise in the entertainment world, Trushna Patel remains a private individual, keeping her path from the limelight.

Trushna Patel Age: How Old Is Dev Patel Sister?

While Trushna Patel’s exact date of birth remains undisclosed, her age can be estimated given her four-year seniority to her famous brother, Dev Patel, who is currently 33 years old as of 2023.

Based on this information, it can be reasonably inferred that Trushna Patel is approximately 37 years old.

Trushna, born in Harrow, London, England, to parents Raj and Anita Patel, shares her family’s Gujarati Hindu heritage with roots in Kenya.

Dev Patel Sister
 Dev Patel, alongside his parents and sister Trushna Patel. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Growing up in the Rayners Lane district of Harrow, she attended the same educational institutions as her younger brother, Dev, including Longfield Primary School and Whitmore High School.

While Dev Patel’s acting career has propelled him into the international spotlight, Trushna has opted for a more private existence, with limited information about her personal and professional life.

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Nevertheless, her steadfast support for her brother has been evident numerous times, with her presence at his film premieres and award ceremonies, such as the 2017 BAFTA Awards, where Dev received acclaim for his role in “Lion.”

As Dev’s star continues to rise, Trushna Patel remains a private figure, content to chart her path away from the glare of the public eye.

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