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Tucker Carlson is a television host who has hosted the nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News. Where is Tucker Carlson going after leaving the Fix News? 

Tucker Carlson is a famous American host known for hosting multiple Tv programs and shows. So, one of his best appearances was in Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, where there used to be a political talk, 

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Tucker has hosted the show since 2016, and besides hosting, he is also a notable conservative political commenter and writer.

The fantastic host has been in the vocation since his early career, and he officially began his career in the 1990s. 

Carlson debuted his professional career by writing for The Weekly Standard and other publications.

In 2000 he also served as the commentator for about five years up to 2005. Similarly, Carlosj was also the co-host of the network’s prime-time news debate program Crossfire

Where Is Tucker Carlson Going After Leaving Fox News?

Tucker Carlson is making rounds on the internet following his recent controversy related to Donald Trump. People are asking if he is leaving Fox News.

However, there have been no official reports of Carlson leaving the station. The rumors of Carlson leaving Fox News came following the controversy related to Donald Trump.

Tucker Carlson snapped on Tucker Carlson Tonight. ( Source: FOX Illinois )

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Carlson has gotten involved in these rumors. In 2020, people began asking questions to him if he was leaving Fox News.

So, he addressed the rumors, saying he was sticking around and not leaving the station. During that time, Tucker was working on a project, leaving viewers thinking he had left the station. 

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Tucker Carlson Controversy and Scandal Explained

Tucker Carlson is getting backlash as the White House on Wednesday (March 8) slammed him for his coverage of the events of January 6, 2021. In a statement released, White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates said that Carlson is not credible.

On March 6, Tucker Carlson Tonight selectively showed video from the January 6 riots to assert that only a small number of those who illegally joined the Capitol as Congress tried to formally certify President Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral victory were hooligans.

His Monday night show had footage obtained from House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy also leaked exclusive access to January 6 security footage to Carlson and Fox News.

Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump photographed together. ( Source: The Guardian )

Democrats and some Republicans criticized the leak over concerns about the U.S. Capitol’s security and the possible effects of a partisan telling of the events. 

Despite Carlson being criticized for his reporting, he remains a darling of his real viewers.

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How Much Is Tucker Carlson Net Worth?

Per Celebrity Net Worth, Tucker Carlson is estimated to have a net worth of $30 million, thanks to his long-term media career.

He has been working at FOX News since 2019, and his current annual salary is reported to be $6 million. In 2011, Tucker and his wife Susan traded from a $4 million home to a $2 million home in Washington, D.C.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson snapped outside. ( Source: Tuko )

In November 2017, the duo sold that house for $2.04 million. In early-2020, the FOX News Journalist paid $2.9 million for a house on Gasparilla Island in Florida.

From that, it can be said that Carlson lives a lavish life having a colossal fortune. 

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