Carlton Gilford

Carlton Gilford is an assailant who has been arrested for ******** two people at Tulsa Library and convenience store. Via this article, let’s get to know more about his family and ethnicity.

A man shot an individual in the back of the head as he approached him from behind Tuesday morning at a Tulsa library before ******** another man in the same location, at a nearby convenience store killing both of them, according to police.

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The gunman, later identified by authorities as Carlton Jefferson Gilford, 61, is suspected of ******** random people in the QuikTrip at 1513 N. Peoria Ave. and the Rudisill Regional Library. 

He was apprehended outside the QuikTrip and told the responding police officers that he killed both individuals, according to the police.

After being shot while seated at a desk in the library, the victim was rushed to a hospital in serious condition shortly after policemen and ambulance staff arrived at the scene at 9:40 a.m., according to police.

At 5:15 p.m., they posted on social media that the victim had passed away in the hospital. Whereas, the victim of the ******** at the convenience shop was declared dead there and then.

Now, via this article, let’s discover more about Carlton Gilford, his family ethnicity, and what was his actual motive behind the ********.

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Tulsa Library ********: Who Is Carlton Gilford?

Tulsa Police have identified the shooter as Carlon Gilford, 61, involved in the double ******.

According to police, Carlton killed two random individuals, the first at Rudisill Regional Library and the second at the QT.

Carlton Gilford is currently in custody at a hospital.

Witnesses claimed that while Carlton Gilford was on the scene, he fired at least one more bullet into the bustling store while he was there, although no bystanders were harmed.

According to police, the gunman suffered an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound and was treated at a hospital before being transferred to the Tulsa County jail.

Police reported that they nearly immediately received calls regarding both gunshots and that police arrived at the QuikTrip shortly after others did at the library.

Carlton Gilford
The suspect in the Tulsa Library ******** and convenience store ********, Carlton Gilford was handcuffed before being taken by ambulance. (Source: Tulsa World)

After this tragic ******** case, people are searching and wanting to know more about Carlton Gilford and what led him to kill two innocent people.

However, the investigation is still going on to find out why Carlton shot two random people. Additionally, the personal information regarding the shooter has also not been released yet.

Hopefully, people will get to know more about Carlton Gilford’s personal life and his actual motive behind the Tulsa Library ********.

Carlton Gilford Family And Ethnicity

After the news came out, that Carlton Gilford was identified as the shooter involved in the Tulsa Library ******** case, people instantly began searching more about his family and personal life.

Unfortunately, very less is known about the assailant’s family and ethnicity. As the investigation is proceeding, hopefully, we will get to know more about Carlton Gilford’s family background and personal life.

Currently, he is getting treated in the hospital as he was injured by a self- inflicted gunshot.

Carlton Gilford
Carlton Gilford is currently getting medical treatment in the hospital. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, after the ******** case, Tulsa City-Country Library officials released a statement saying they are ” 

Tulsa City-County Library officials said they are “ profoundly grieved by the unfortunate events that took place at Rudisill Regional Library today, April 18, one of the system’s branch libraries.

The families of the victims are in our thoughts and prayers. The Library is dedicated to assisting its staff and users during this trying time and is assisting law enforcement in their investigation.

Until further notice, the Rudisill Regional Library will be closed”, according to the announcement.

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