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People are searching more Tyler Lawrence Death as Tyler was a 13-year-old kid of Norwood who was shot and killed.

On January 29, just before noon, a crime took place in the Mattapan area close to the intersection of Fremont and Babson Streets. According to Norwood Public Schools, Lawrence attended Coakley Middle School.

Julie Higgins, the prosecutor, spoke about a video that captured the teen’s final seconds. Although present in court, the teen’s family left before Higgins started to describe the incident. According to Higgins, Lawrence was shot five times, including once in the cranium.

Tyler, a resident of Norwood, was in Mattapan visiting his grandparents when he was shot multiple times on a stroll on January 29. Near the teen’s corpse, police discovered five shell casings.

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Tyler Lawrence Death Case: Csean Skerritt,34, Arrested And Charged With Murder

Skerritt was charged with murder, being an armed career criminal level III, and several offenses involving ammunition and firearms when he was arraigned on Friday.

In connection with the boy’s death, 34-year-old Csean Skerritt is accused of first-degree murder and using weapons, Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden revealed during a news conference on Monday.

Skerritt was detained on Sunday and accused of distributing fentanyl violating federal law. In a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts, he was referred to as a gang member associated with the Morse Street gang.

According to Kevin Hayden, there was no relationship between Skerritt and the kid. According to the investigators, Lawrence was the target of a targeted assault, not a random shooting.

Tyler Lawrence Death
Tyler’s Great Uncle giving his Tribute where Tyler was killed. (Source: Boston Globe)

Hayden stated that Skerritt would be arraigned on the new murder and weapons charges “as soon as practically possible” after Skerritt appeared in federal court on Monday afternoon.

Skerritt has a lengthy criminal history, including convictions for assault, battery, and weapons charges. In 2017, Skerritt was also cleared of all murder-related allegations. Last week, he appeared in federal court on a charge of distributing fentanyl.

The reason for the killing is still under investigation. Tyler’s mother, Remy Lawrence, said in a statement issued later that day that her family was “relieved and grateful” to see Police and prosecutors begin bringing Tyler to justice.

Tyler’s family has also not revealed much regarding Tyler Lawrence Death as they are going through a tough time, so we must provide them with the condolences and privacy they desire.

Tyler Lawrence Death Case: Csean Skerritt Criminal History

Skerritt has a lengthy criminal history dating back more than ten years; according to court documents examined by the Boston Globe, he was found guilty of assault and battery on a public team member twice, once in Plymouth District Court in 2008 and again in Boston Municipal Court in 2011.

That same year, according to the Globe, Skerritt pleaded guilty in the Suffolk Superior Court to charges of having a weapon without a license, which garnered him a three-year state prison term.

According to the newspaper, Skerritt was ruled not guilty of first-degree murder and possession of a firearm in 2014, shooting the killing of Julien Printemps in Dorchester by a Suffolk Superior Court jury in 2017.

Tyler Lawrence murderer
Csean Skerritt is the prime suspect in the Tyler Lawrence Death Case. (Source: WCVB)

The men were “affiliated with rival groups,” according to a news statement from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office from 2015.

Before the announcement that he would face charges in Tyler’s murder, Skerritt was charged with distributing fentanyl earlier this month and appeared in federal court.

Sadly, no further information about Csean Skerritt was found as the case is still sensitive, and the officials have not revealed many details regarding the case at the time of writing this article.

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