Tyler Lawrence Parents

Tyler Lawrence parents and grandparents – who were left inconsolable and devasted after his ***** – came forward to thank investigators, detectives, and people who supported them.

On 29 January 2023, Tyler Lawrence, a 13-year-old boy from Norwood, was gunned down in a Mattapan.

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The authorities believed it was a targeted ********. After a month-long investigation, Police finally arrested the suspect possibly responsible for the young boy’s *****.

On 5 February, a large crowd gathered outside a commercial complex to pay their respects to Tyler J. Lawrence’s family in Mattapan. Many of Tyler’s friends and classmates could not enter the Space to celebrate his life before it concluded, so they remained outside waiting.

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Who Are Tyler Lawrence Parents? Mother Remy And Father

Remy is Tyler Lawrence’s mother. The entire community surrounded the devasted mother. “Tyler was special and extraordinary,” said a family friend Dominga Martin.

Tyler Lawrence’s grandfather, Stanley Lawrence, expressed gratitude to the people who gathered to console them. “I thank you from the soles of my feet to the top of my head; I thank you,” Stanley said while fighting back the tears. The grieving grandpa added that he sensed people’s love and knew Tyler also sensed it.

The young boy was shot and killed when he walked in his grandparents’ neighborhood as he often did every weekend. Toffer Winslow was Lawrence’s big brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. They had been friends for three years and spent time hiking, riding bikes, swimming, and playing basketball together.

Tyler Lawrence Parents
Tyler Lawrence with his grandmother. (Image Source: The Boston Globe)

“He was a joy. He was a young boy with endless energy, “Winslow said. Tyler would be a person who would make a great impact on the world. But the world has been robbed,” he continued.

Tyler Lawrence Was A 7th Grade Student

The Mattapan ******** victim was a 7th-grade student at Coakley Middle School in Norwood. His ***** also left his classmates and teacher. They said he would be missed in the classroom, hall, and locker room.

The Principal of Coakley Middle School, Margo Fraczek, said, “Tyler Lawrence was life and loved by so many people.” The principal also said he would always be with them and the school.

A neighbor and friend, Addie Varon, was stunned to learn of Lawrence demise. He said, “he didn’t deserve to die the way he did,” Varon also said that he wanted to know why the killer had no heart to kill a 13-year-old boy.

The Suspect Csean Skerritt Charged With Tyler Lawrence’s ******

Police identified a 35-year-old man, Csean Skerritt, as the suspect concerning Tyler Lawrence’s *****.

Tyler Lawrence Parents
Csean Skerritt has been arrested concerning Tyler Lawrence’s *****. (Image Source: CBS News)

According to Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden, the arrest warrant was issued on 6 February for the man already in Police custody. He was caught on 5 February for a drug (fentanyl) distribution offense.

Csean Skerritt is expected to be charged with first-degree ****** in the coming days. The attorney also indicated that it wasn’t a random act, saying, “we believe that the gunman, in this case, targeted the victim.”

Shortly after Skerritt’s arrest, Tyler Lawrence’s mother, Remy Lawrence, released a statement.

She said the family is “relieved and grateful as the District Attorney’s Office and Boston Police have taken the first steps toward justice for their beloved son.

The heartbroken mother also thanked all the detectives, investigators and the elected official for their continued support, integrity, and persistence.

She also expressed her gratitude to the Norwood Public School and everyone who gathered on 5 February to honor and remember Tyler.

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