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Typhaine Taton parents Anne-Sophie Faucheur and François Taton raised her in France. Here’s more about her family background.

Typhaine Taton was a 5-year-old girl from France whose name came into the media prominence after her ***** news was shared on June 8, 2009.

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Her mother Anne-Sophie reported Typhaine’s disappearance on June 18, 2009, claiming that she had last seen her child at the Place de Wattignies, a square in the town.

An abduction investigation was then launched and believed to have died on either June 10 or 11 2009 following a punishment gone wrong.

It has been a long time since the tragic incident happened but online users still search for more facts about the child’s family life which has been shared below.

Who Are Typhaine Taton Parents?

Anne-Sophie Faucheur and François Taton are the parents of Typhaine Taton. According to an online report, Typhaine’s mother was just 18 years old when she gave birth to her child.

It has been noted that Typhaine’s father and mother divorced in December 2005. In 2006, her father, Francois met Willot, a volunteer firefighter.

Typhaine Taton Parents
Typhaine Taton’s mother Anne-Sophie Faucheur was 18 years old when she gave birth to Typhaine. ( Source: Le Progres )

A new couple became responsible for taking care of Typhaine and Caroline, who used to live with their grandmother. At this time, Typhaine did not know her mom and called her Madame.

The child was increasingly mistreated after being taken into her mom’s custody. Further information related to Typhaine’s parents remains under review.

Meanwhile, their names also came into the media prominence when Typhaine’s ***** news was shared in 2009.

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Typhaine Taton Father François Taton And Mother Anne-Sophie Faucheur 

Typhaine Taton was born to her parents Anne-Sophie Faucheur (mother) and François Taton (father) in 2004 in Maubeuge, France.

Typhaine used to have long blonde hair, but the missing-person notice said her hair was short and chestnut-brown when she disappeared.

Her mother Anne-Sohpie is believed to have dyed and cut her daughter’s hair. Likewise, the aunt said Typhaine had gotten thinner, her face was slimmer, and she seemed tired.

Typhaine Taton *****
Typhaine Taton was born to her parents Anne-Sophie Faucheur (mother) and François Taton (father) in 2004. ( Source: France 3 Regions )

The news said Typhaine was given a cold shower as punishment for wetting her bed and taking sweets without permission.

During the mistreatment, she stayed in dark places like the basement or on the stairs and was even tied to the staircase rail when she was hungry to stop her from taking cake.

Short Details On Typhaine Taton Family Life

Typhaine Taton family details have been searched by many people on the internet sources. According to an online report, Tyhpaine was not the only child of her parents as she grew up with an older sister.

The name of her older sister Caroline who was born in 2003. Anne-Sophie and her partner Nicolas Willot confessed to Typhaine’s ****** five months after they were arrested and put in jail.

Typhaine Taton Family
Typhaine Taton was five years old at her ***** and her coffin can be seen in the above image. ( Source: La Depeche )

Furthermore, Typhaine’s body was discovered in Belgium, so initial investigations were conducted by local police there. The Court of Assizes in Douai sentenced them to 30 years in prison.

They must serve at least 20 years before being able to question the rest of the sentence. The ****** case of Tyhpaine has dragged a huge public attention.

On June 29, 2009, television station France 3 broadcast false news that Taton’s body had been found underwater. 

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