Tyrese Gibson Cancer

After people discovered a YouTube video claiming that Tyrese had been hospitalized while battling Cancer, he was the target of a ***** hoax.

Tyrese Gibson is seen in the pictures recuperating in the hospital. He says little about what occurred, but he did say that he was feeling better and gave thanks to God for his blessings. He also expressed gratitude for the love and support of his supporters and fans.

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The page, which goes by the name “Celeb Incident,” has also published posts about several other famous people. Celine Dion, Blake Shelton, and many others are a few of them.

Since 2021, when the page was first introduced to the platform, it has posted these videos. None of them, however, contain any truth.

Does Tyrese Gibson Have Cancer? 

Despite the video giving rise to the rumor that he does, Tyrese Gibson does not have Cancer. Any pictures of Tyrese from the hospital that you may have seen date back to a 2017 post that he published.

Many people believed Tyrese Gibson had passed away after seeing a video that claimed he was being treated for Cancer in a hospital. The Actor is still alive and well in 2022, though.

The Actor is depicted in the pictures recuperating in the hospital. While he withholds information about what transpired, he expressed relief at feeling better and gratitude to God for his blessings and the love and support he had received from his fans and followers.

Tyrese Gibson Health Update: Is He Sick?

Tyrese Gibson underwent a three-hour surgery with the assistance of his two leading ladies, his wife and his daughter.

The “Fast & Furious” star didn’t specify his illness but posted a photo of himself being hugged by his daughter in a hospital. Tyrese wrote on Instagram, “My Amazing wife and Daughter have been by my side every step of the way. “Family is the only people who are there when it counts,”

Tyrese Gibson surgery
Tyrese Gibson undergoes 3 hour surgery (Source: 8days.sg)

Before entering the operating room, he requested prayers from his friends and followers on social media, but he did not mention his health or the reason for the procedure.

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God sometimes forces us to slow down, so I appreciate your prayers and energy, Gibson wrote. When I stand up? I think the world is about to change thanks to me.

Tyrese Gibson’s Mom Was Hospitalized: What Happened To Her?

Tyrese Gibson requested prayers on February 9, 2022, after disclosing that his mother, Pricilla Murray, had been diagnosed with pneumonia and COVID-19 and was now in a coma and the intensive care unit.

The Actor revealed on Wednesday that he received some heartbreaking news from his mother’s doctor, but he is still hoping for a miracle, days after asking fans for their prayers for her health.

Tyrese Gibson Mother
Tyrese Gibson’s mother was hospitalized (Source: Instagram)

The 43-year-old Actor posted a photo of himself on set relaxing while keeping his eyes closed. The celebrity called for “prayer warriors” to support his family by posting their prayers in the comments.

Fans and friends responded to his request by posting encouragement in the comments section.

In an Instagram live video from the hospital, Gibson revealed that his mother is in an induced coma and that her vital signs are improving. 

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The singer admitted that he could only stay in the room with her for 30 minutes. Gibson went into his mother’s room during the live show and gave her a quick pep talk, but she could not respond.

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