Uxue Barkos Marido

Meet Uxue Barkos marido, and learn about the family details and information of the hijos and personal life.

Miren Uxue Barcos Berruezo is a Spanish journalist and politician, mostly known as Uxue Barkos. She was the president of the “Government of Navarra” from July 2015 to August 2019.

Previously, Uxue was a debut in Congress from 2004 to 2015 during the eighth and ninth legislatures. 

Furthermore, Barcos is an influential personality in Spain, and many young journalists and rising politicians look highly at her and are inspired by Uxue’s mission and actions.

Uxue Barkos currently leads the Zabaltzen association and the political formation of Geroa Bai. She has been the president of the “Geroa Bai” since September 2011.

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Who Is Uxue Barkos Marido Jesús González Mateos?

Fifty-nine years old Uxue Barkos has been married to Jesús González Mateos for over twenty years.

Sixty-one years old Jesús González is a Spanish media personality and the president of Alioth Group. 

Similarly, Mateos is the founding partner and general director of Prestomedia – an agency dedicated to institutional lobbying for connecting the decision makers and action takers.

Uxue Barkos marido Jesús González’s professional career began in the eighties as a writer for the CEOE business news service.

According to his LinkedIn profile, after that, he became an editor of the Economy section newspaper El Pais.

Subsequently, from 1986 to 2004, Jesús served as Director General in several news agencies, including Agencia Europa Press, Jurcam Productions, and Groupo Quator.

Now, the news personnel González Mateos is the director general of the most prominent news portals of Spain, Groupo Quator, Canal Europa, and Prestomedia.

Uxue Barkos Marido
Uxue Barkos is married to the media magnet of Spain Jesús González Mateos. (Source: Navarraconfidencial)

Jesús González earned his degree in Information Sciences and Economic Science from the Complutense “University of Madrid”.

Furthermore, he got his master’s degree in European Communities from the “University of Leuven.”

Uxue Barkos marido Jesús is a Galician from the Iberian Peninsula in Spain, located in southwestern Europe, bordered by Portugal to the south.

Moreover, González Mateos’s influence is quite prominent in the Spanish media and information flow of the political parties and governing bodies.

Jesús González Mateos is one of the stable and most significant supporters of his wife, Uxue Barkos, in her career as a politician and journalist.

Uxue Barkos Familia and Hijos

Spanish politician and journalist Uxue Barkos was born in a Spanish family on July 5, 1964, in Pamplona, Spain. 

Barkos had slight political influences in the family, and at a young age, she got close to exposure to the political environment.

Her grandparents and parents mostly conversed about Spanish politics and contemporary issues.

Then, Uxue got inspired to join the field, which has more connection to journalism and the political condition.

Now, Uxue Barkos, with her marido, works together to jot out the nation’s ministerial and parliamentary work and the state they are accountable for.

Moreover, the journalist couple is blessed with a son whose information is private.

Uxue Barkos Marido
Uxue Barkos’s husband and son picture on a family vacation- years ago. (Source: Instagram)

Being a media person and the political person Uxue Barkos is aware of the media’s influence on a person’s personal life. Therefore, she barely talks about her children in the public place.

Similarly, Uxue is yet to post pictures of her hijo and, more significantly, a family picture on her social media tabs. 

Uxues’ considerable behavior toward her son is the medium that shows what a good and sincere mother she is.

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