Uzoth Face Reveal

Uzoth Face Reveal: People are eager to know what the Roblox trainer looks like. Has he done the face reveal yet? Let’s find out.

Uzoth is a popular Roblox trainer who teaches players how to fight using the Dragon Talon fighting style, an upgraded version of the Dragon Breath.

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Uzoth has over 300,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, where the trainer posts videos of his gameplay and tips.

He is also an admin of the Blox Fruits game, which is based on the anime One Piece.

But who is Uzoth behind the screen? What does he look like in real life? Many fans have been curious about his face reveal, especially after he hinted at it in one of his tweets in October 2023.

He wrote: “Maybe I’ll do a face reveal when I hit 500k subs. Maybe.” This sparked a lot of speculation and excitement among his followers, who started to guess his appearance and ethnicity.

Uzoth Face Reveal: A Surprise For Fans

On November 5, 2023, Uzoth finally revealed his face in a live stream on his YouTube channel. He started the stream by playing Blox Fruits and chatting with his viewers.

Then, he announced that he would show his face for the first time. He asked his fans to guess his appearance before he turned on his camera.

Some of the guesses were: “You’re Asian”, “You’re white”, “You’re black”, “You’re bald”, “You have glasses”, “You have a beard”, “You’re handsome”, “You’re ugly”, etc.

Uzoth laughed at some of the comments and said that he was nervous but also excited to reveal himself. He then counted down from 10 to 1 and turned on his camera.

The viewers were shocked to see that Uzoth was a young woman with long brown hair and green eyes. She smiled and waved at the screen and said: “Hi, I’m Uzoth. Surprise!”

Uzoth face reveal
Uzoth is a girl gamer with over 350k subscribers on her channel who teaches how to fight. (Image Source: YouTube)

The chat was flooded with reactions ranging from disbelief, confusion, admiration, support, and even some hate.

Some of the comments were: “What?!”, “No way!”, “You’re a girl?!”, “You’re so pretty!”, “I love you!”, “You’re awesome!”, “You’re lying!”, “You’re trolling!”, “You’re fake!” etc.

Uzoth explained that she used a voice changer and a male avatar to hide her identity online.

She said that she did it because she wanted to avoid harassment and discrimination as a female gamer.

The trainer also said she enjoyed playing with different personas and having fun with her fans.

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Uzoth said that she decided to do a face reveal to be more honest and authentic with her audience.

She also said that she hoped her fans would still support her and respect her as a gamer and a trainer, regardless of gender.

Is Uzoth On The Official Page Of Wikipedia? Biography

Uzoth is not yet on the official page of Wikipedia, but she has a fan-made wiki page on the Blox Fruits Wiki.

According to the wiki, her real name is Zoe Smith, and she is 22 years old. Smith lives in Los Angeles, California, and is a college student majoring in computer science.

Uzoth started playing Roblox in 2018 and became interested in Blox Fruits in 2020.

She learned the Dragon Breath fighting style from another trainer named Zoro and became one of the best fighters in the game.

She then discovered the Fire Essence, a rare item that can unlock the Dragon Talon fighting style. She gave the Fire Essence to an NPC named Uzoth, who taught her the Dragon Talon.

Uzoth face reveal
Despite her missing Wikipedia page, the 22-year-old college student has gained quite a notoriety. (Image Source: Blox Fruits Wiki – Fandom)

The trainer used the name Uzoth as her online alias and created a YouTube channel to share her skills and knowledge with other players.

She also became an admin of the Blox Fruits game and helped with its development and moderation. She has a loyal fan base who admire her talent, humor, and personality.

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Uzoth is also friends with other Roblox trainers and YouTubers, such as Zoro, KingPiece, NoobMaster69, etc.

Smith plans to continue playing Roblox and making videos for her fans. She also hopes to inspire more girls to join the gaming community and pursue their passions.

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