Vandana Das Family

Vandana Das Family: After a school teacher killed a young woman doctor, people are curiously searching for her parents and siblings.

A woman doctor who was on duty in Kerala Kollam’s government hospital has been fatally stabbed to death on 10th May 2023 by a mentally ill school teacher who for a medical examination was brought to the same hospital by police officials.

The incident occurred early on Wednesday morning in Kottarakkara, a government taluk hospital. 

The police officials have identified the deceased woman as 23-year-old Vandana Das, who worked at the hospital at the time of her demise.

Vandana, who went through several stab injuries on her neck and chest, sadly passed away in Thiruvananthapuram at a private hospital where she was admitted on the morning of 10th May.

The police officials stated that the accused S Sandeep is an upper primary school teacher, who also attacked four other people at the hospital, which consists of policemen, who brought him for medical examination to the hospital.

After her tragic death, many people in India are searching for Vandana Das’s family and want to learn more about her parents and siblings.

Her entire family must be going through a really hard time at the moment and now, let’s get to learn some details about them. 

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Vandana Das Family And Siblings: Meet Her Father Mohan Das And Mother Vasantha Kumari

It is often heartbreaking and heartwrenching to hear stories as such where an innocent loses their life because of somebody else’s wrongdoings.

However, this is the reality in Vandana Das’ death case; she is no longer with us today.

After a primary school teacher brutally stabbed her, people send prayers and strength to Vandana Das’ family and want to learn detailed information about her parents and siblings.

Well, Vandana was the only child of her father Mohan Das, and her mother, Vasantha Kumari. While her dad was an Abkari businessman, her mom was a homemaker.

She was extremely close and dear to both her native place and family members. Vandana was exceptionally well at her studies and her parents always supported her dreams and ambitions of becoming a medical worker.

Vandana Das Family
Vandana Das’ family is extremely heartbroken and shattered following their daughter’s tragic murder. (Source: Kerala Kaumudi)

She was staying with her parents for a few days after her holidays from Azeezia Medical College. After her break, she returned to the hospital with a promise to her parents that she would return very soon.

Sadly, Vandana now can’t keep her promise since she was brutally stabbed by a guy named Sandeep.

She was brutally stabbed six times and breathed for the last time while undergoing treatment at a private hospital.

Moreover, as Miss Das was the only child of her parents, her father and mother are extremely heartbroken at the moment and they are demanding justice.

Vandana Das Case Update 

At the time of her death, Vandana Das was serving on duty at the hospital when Sandeep stabbed her six times. As per police, he was taken into custody after he attacked his own family members in his house on 9th May 2023.

Following Sandeep’s aggressive behavior, he was taken by police after his family members alerted them.

Since he had a minor wound on his foot, a police team had taken him for mandatory medical examination at the hospital, where he turned violent and seized the surgical scissors.

While Vandana was attending to his leg wound, Sandeep stabbed her with no mercy in the neck and chest alongside attacking the policemen who took him to the hospital.

Vandana Das Family
Vandana Das was working hard to fulfill her dreams of becoming a doctor. (Source: India Postsen)

The wild stabbing of Vandana Das has shocked the medical community and prompted urgent calls for raised workplace safety for medical professionals as well.

This murder case has also brought attention to the urgent need for stronger security and safety measures for healthcare personnel.

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