Vanessa Forero Mother

Vanessa Forero Mother is famous, as she should be; she has a compelling story the world must know- about how she was raised by monkeys.

Vanessa Forero, a composer in the advertising industry, found herself in Colombia’s mountain village of Minca during the global lockdown of 2020.

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Stranded due to the closure of the sole road leading to the village, she decided to invest locally, purchasing a hectare of land in the sacred Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Originally envisioning a simple terrace for occasional camping, Vanessa’s journey led her to create an idyllic wooden home in the jungle near a mountain range.

In addition, the place was surrounded by toucans, hummingbirds, jaguars, and anacondas.

This unique escape into nature is showcased in the series “Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild.”

Vanessa’s profound connection with the environment highlights the tranquility and natural beauty of her mountain retreat.

Interestingly, her ties to Colombia run deeper, as her mother, Marina Chapman, shared stories of her childhood in Colombia during the 1950s.

Vanessa realized the magnitude of her mother’s experiences, leading to the revelation that Marina’s life story could become a book.

The narrative spans from a childhood in the Colombian jungle to overcoming adversity, marking a compelling and extraordinary family history.

The full story unfolded during a research trip to Colombia in 2007, where mother and daughter documented the remarkable journey.

So, what was the story, and why was it so compelling? Let’s find out here with this article.

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Vanessa Forero Mother Marina Chapman And Father John

Growing up in Bradford, West Yorkshire, to Marina Chapman and John, Vanessa Forero heard fragments of her mother’s extraordinary tale over the years.

Vanessa’s mother, Marina Chapman, claimed survival after a childhood kidnapping by living among monkeys in the jungle for five years before being sold into slavery.

A decade ago, Marina’s story gained global attention when National Geographic produced a documentary previously met with skepticism.

Vanessa Forero Mother
Vanessa’s mother, Marina, was raised by monkeys and is also famous as the “female Tarzan” (Source: The Sun)

A primate expert, initially doubtful, validated her claim by noting that the capuchin monkey she identified was among the few in Colombia likely to approach a human.

Marina’s ability to recognize edible forest fruits and describe monkeys using tools, a recent academic discovery, added credibility.

Tests showed her unconscious response to capuchin monkeys resembled her family, and her bones indicated a period of poor nutrition between ages six and nine.

While a word memory test suggested susceptibility to false memories, she expressed frustration, emphasizing her mother’s difficulty with verbal explanations.

Marina’s memoir, “The Girl with No Name,” released in 2013, echoes similar cases of feral children raised by animals or primates.

Despite challenges, Marina regained language skills despite limitations in nuanced facial expressions.

Vanessa highlighted her mother’s basic recognition of emotions, citing a test where Marina identified only about five or ten expressions out of approximately 300.

Vanessa Forero Parents: Age Gap & Relationship

After relocating to England, Marina encountered John, a Yorkshireman and scientist, whom she later married. The couple welcomed two daughters, Vanessa and Joanna.

During adolescence, Vanessa displayed an early affinity for the piano, touring globally with her church band. She transitioned to crafting music for brands like Audi.

Despite initial skepticism surrounding her mother’s story, later substantiated by compelling evidence, Marina was found to carry rare jungle diseases.

Born in 1984, Vanessa experienced a failed relationship with a pastor’s son, leading to separation in their 30s.

Vanessa Forero Mother
After moving to England, Marina met and married John, who is from Yorkshire and works as a scientist (Source: The Mirror)

Presently unattached, Vanessa has embraced jungle life on her jaguar reserve land, finding solace in the untamed wilderness.

Although she hasn’t encountered jaguars, she honors her departed dog by burying her in the wildest part of her land.

Vanessa, who overcame arachnophobia, attributes her fearlessness to her mother, whose resilience originated from surviving daily in the jungle alongside capuchin monkeys.

Living in Colombia, Vanessa, equipped with water, electricity, Wi-Fi, and modern amenities, maintains a remote career as a composer and a singer-songwriter.

Expressing profound admiration for the beauty of her Colombian life, she acknowledges the emotional impact, confessing that the sheer magnificence can move her to tears.

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