Vera Liddell

 A Chicago-area school district official has been assessed for the theft. The school team member Vera Liddell stole $ 1.5 million in food from Cafeteria. 

Vera Liddell is an internet sensation and has been the most searched person in today’s history. Liddell works as food service director for Harvey School District 152.

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Vera is a 67  years old lady, working for the Harvey School District for over a decade. Similarly, the massive fraud started at the height of COVID.

During a lockdown, when students were not allowed to be physically present in school, the fraud started, and Vera accuses of ordering more than 11,000 cases of chicken wings from the school community.

However, the sources revealed those chickens were never brought to the school. 

Vera Liddell Stole $1.5M Worth Of Food From the Cafeteria, Mostly Wings

Vera Liddell, food service director, has been associated with the south suburban school for over ten years. Vera is accused of stealing $1.5 million worth of food from the Cafeteria, mostly wings. 

As mentioned earlier, the fraud began during COVID when students were not authorized to be physically present in school.”

As per the sources, although the children were not present physically, the school district provided dinners for the students that their families could take.

Vera Liddell
Judges discussing Vera Liddel’s case. (Source: The Washington Time)

So, there has been a record of ordering above 11,000 cases of chicken wings by Vera from the school district’s food provider. 

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Also, there is evidence of Vera picking up the order in a district cargo van. But the twist part is the food was never provided to the school or the students as the school court promised to supply them. 

According to prosecutors, the district has paid all the bills for the food but didn’t know what happened to the chicken wings that were ordered during the pandemic. 

Who Is Vera Liddell?

Vera is a 67  years old lady, years old woman for Illinois who worked as a Food Service Director at Harvey School District 152.

Currently, Liddell, better known as the school employee indicted for robbing $1.5M in food from the Cafeteria, mostly wings.

She has become the media talk; the news has swirled worldwide. The court has disclosed more than a million worth of food has been ordered but never provided to the students. Also, people have seen Vera picking up food from the van. 

Vera Liddell
Vera Liddell’s picture going viral. (Source: New York Post)

Netizens are shocked that Liddell has been stealing the food for years and years despite her being one of the oldest employees of the respective school. 

Vera Liddell Is Held At The Cook County Jail

Vera currently faces charges of stealing and financial crimes above $1 million. After a year, an audit found that the food service department of Harvey School District was around $300,000, which was definitely over the budget. 

However, the record revealed that only half a school year had passed. Eventually, the journals revealed that Vera, the former food services director of the school, was perpetrating a massive fraud.

Many people asked if she was the only one involved in such a big crime, as the authorities exposed that Liddell placed the orders for food on behalf of the district, and she was the only employee responsible for the theft. 

The authorities have currently detained Vera Liddell on a bond of $150,000 in Cook County Jail. Similarly, at the Sixth District Courthouse, Liddell will appear in court on February 22, 2023. And the Illinois native has not entered an appealing deal.

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