Veronica Ciardi is the wife of Italian footballer Federico Bernardeschi. Learn more about Veronica Ciardi’s Wikipedia, her personal life, and her children.

Ciardi is an Italian model who rose to fame after competing in the tenth season of Grande Fratello (the Italian version of Big Brother).

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She has acted in several Italian television series such as Operazion Vacanze, Una Vita da sogno, and SMS Squadra Molto Speciale.

The Italian beauty is a model featured by different top-tier clothing brands and other beauty companies.

Recently, Veronica has gained fame as the wife of the Italian football megastar Federico Bernardeschi.

Veronica Ciardi Wikipedia And Eta

 Veronica Ciardi’s Wikipedia page does not exist as of writing. Her eta or age is 37.

Although a Wikipedia page about the Italian model Veronica Ciardi has not been created till now, she may be featured in the online encyclopedia in the future.

For the time being, here is more information about Veronica Ciardi, her career, and her personal life.

Ciardi is an Italian television personality known for Cosi fan tutte, Una cella in due, and Una vita da songo.

veronica ciardi wikipedia
Veronica Ciardi is an Italian television personality, and influencer married to soccer star Federico Bernardeschi. (Source: Instagram)

The Italian rose to fame after entering the tenth season of Italian Big Brother, or Grande Fratello.

She entered the house on day eight and exited on day 120 as the seventeenth competitor to be evicted.

Since then, Veronica has acted on several television features such as Operazion Vacanze and Una Vita da sogno. 

She was also seen in the series SMS Squadra Molto Speciale, SMS Squadra Molto Speciale, and I 2 soliti idioti.

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Veronica Ciardi Padre, Husband And Children

Veronica Ciardi had a great relationship with her padre (father). Sadly, he passed away in June 2020.

The Italian model posted a long and touching tribute on her Instagram on her padre’s passing, ending the statement with “piccola di Papo” which translates to “daddy’s little girl.” 

veronica padre
Veronica Ciardi’s padre passed away in June 2020. (Source: Instagram)

Veronica Ciardi is married to Italian football star Federico Bernardeschi.

The couple got married on July 13, 2021, the day of Veronica’s birthday, and two days after Italy’s Euro 2020 victory.

The marriage ceremony was held at Carrara Cathedral, Federico’s birth city.

Veronica Ciardi and her husband, Federico Bernardeschi, at Verissimo tv talking about their married life. (Source: Instagram)

Veronica and Federico dated for several years before getting married. The couple is the parents of two daughters.

Their first daughter, Deva, was born on August 28, 2019, and their second daughter, Lena, was born in May 2021.

Federico and Veronica are often seen together at the former’s football games in Major League Soccer.

Previously, Veronica was allegedly in a lesbian relationship with her Grande Fratello housemate, Sarah Nile.

The relationship was developed inside the Grande Fratello house and caused a scandal in the Italian media for being the first lesbian love story to air on a reality series.

In May 2010, the couple was featured in The 2010 Hot 100 world ranking.

However, the love story ended in September 2010 after constant pressure from the Italian press.

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Veronica Ciardi Net Worth

Veronica Ciardi is an Italian television personality with a net worth of $2 million as of 2023.

Most of Veronica’s income is from her career as a successful model and an actor.

As a model, the 38-year-old has been featured by several top clothing and beauty brands. 

Veronica Ciardi is an Italian model who has worked for several top brands. (Source: Instagram)

Although a Wikipedia page about the Italian model Veronica Ciardi has just been created, she may be featured in the online encyclopedia.

Bernardeschi competes for the Italian national team and Toronto FC in the MLS. The winger previously played for Juventus and Fiorentina.

Veronica Ciardi is on Instagram as @missciardi, followed by 178K people. Federico has a whopping 2.8 million followers on his Instagram, @fbernardeschi.

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