Sandra Sayegh fired

Is Vici Dolls founder Sandra Sayegh fired? Find out why she is dismissed from her position suddenly.

Sandra Sayegh Dudum is the founder of Vici Dolls, an online retailer of women’s apparel and accessories.

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She embarked on this entrepreneurial journey in 2012, following a successful career as a fashion buyer and CEO at Glambomb.

However, her recent departure from her role as the chairwoman of the board has stirred significant controversy due to controversial and antisemitic remarks made on her Instagram account.

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Is Vici Dolls Founder Sandra Sayegh Fired?

Sandra Sayegh Dudum’s tenure as the head of Vici Dolls came to an abrupt end on 31 October 2023 following her contentious and offensive comments on Instagram.

Sandra Sayegh fired
VICI Dolls formerly apologized to their customers and members after Sandra Sayegh Dudum’s antisemitic comment went viral. (Image Source: Instagram)

Disclaimer: the following content has antisemitic and offensive comments. Genius Celebs does not agree with or support any views in the article.

The spark that ignited this firestorm occurred under one of Fox News Digital’s Instagram posts related to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

A social media user expressed concern, commenting, “What’s up with all the ignorant Jew haters in the world?”

In a matter of minutes, Sandra Sayegh Dudum entered the conversation with a response that would quickly draw attention and criticism from the public and the media alike.

Her controversial comment went viral, and the backlash was swift. In response to this growing crisis, Vici Dolls formally apologized to its customers and members through their official Instagram account.

The statement announced Dudum’s immediate resignation from her position as the chairwoman of the board. Moreover, to ensure the safety of their online community, they disabled comments on their posts.

Who Is Sandra Sayegh? Wikipedia, Age And Instagram Explored

Sandra Sayegh Dudum’s journey in the fashion industry and her role as the founder of Vici Dolls are prominent aspects of her professional life.

Sandra Sayegh fired
Sandra Sayegh was fired after she made an antisemitic comment (pictured above). (Image Source: MSN)

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in advertising from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, California, which laid the foundation for her future success.

In 2012, she took the bold step of founding Vici Dolls, beginning a new chapter in her career. Her extensive experience in the fashion world includes her time at Glambomb as a fashion buyer and later as the CEO.

In addition to her contributions to Vici Dolls, Dudum’s career includes roles at other well-known companies.

According to The Org, the lady also worked as a fashion specialist and pacesetter at Nordstrom and, later, as the Director of Visual Merchandising at Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Her career path demonstrates her versatility, as she served as the Marketing Director of Crosby Estate as well.

Sandra Sayegh Dudum’s departure from Vici Dolls was a significant event, given her prominent role as the founder and chairwoman of the company.

However, the controversial comments on her Instagram account led to her resignation and a formal apology from the company.

Her career in the fashion industry, marked by various roles and achievements, remains an integral part of her professional history.

The birth details and age of Sayegh Dudum are unknown. Also, she used to be active on Instagram under the username @sandradudum. But her account is now deleted.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Sandra Sayegh Dudum and her departure from Vici Dolls highlights the impact of social media on individuals and businesses.

It also serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible communication in the digital age.

Dudum’s professional journey, marked by her contributions to Vici Dolls and her diverse roles in the fashion industry, demonstrates her multifaceted career.

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