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Who Is Vicky Wright husband to be Bobby Davro? Wright, most famous as the BOBBY Davro fiance, dies after a cancer battle. Let’s know everything in detail. 

Vicky Wright was the fiance of Bobby Davro, the famous comedian and English actor. The tragic death news of Vicky has left everyone silent. 

Vicky was 63 years old, and professionally, she was a singer and actor. Apart from her professional career, she was also famous as the daughter of Billy Wright, the England footballer. 

On the other hand, Bobby, the comedian, is also a famous television personality. Besides he made his television debut in 1981. And after his amazing television career debut, he was followed by appearances on Copy Cats.

More, Bobby was a 2007 and 2008 famous television star and in that year, he also appeared in the BBC One soap EastEnders. 

Bobby appeared in Dancing on Ice in 2010 and was part of Your Face Sounds Familiar in 2013. Since the beginning of his Tv career, Bobby has appeared many times in pantomime.

Who Is Vicky Wright Husband To Be Bobby Davro?

Vicky Wright was the fiance of Bobby Davro. Moreover, Davro is a famous actor and comedian who has been in English entertainment from 1981 to now. 

Moreover, he has also appeared in various television shows, and people know Bobby mostly for his appearance with ITV throughout the 1980s and 1990s. 

Bobby Davro
Vicky Wright with her husband-to-be Bobby Davro. (Source: The Sun)

Similalry, Bobby’s fame skyrocketed during the mid-1980s with his Saturday night ITV shows. Afterward, he was also part of the popular comedy impressions sketch show Copy Cats. 

Along with that, Bobby’s professional and personal bio is also featured on the official page of Wikipedia. On the other hand, Vicky was also an actress and singer but was not as famous as her husband-to-be, Bobby. 

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Vicky Wright Death Cause- Comedian Fiancee Died Of Cancer

The online sources are filled with the death news of Vicky Wright. Many of her fans and family are paying tribute to her through an online platform. 

More, netizens are asking about her death cause as Bobby revealed she was secretly battling cancer. As per the sources, Bobby’s fiance was suffering from pancreatic Cancer and was fighting for her life. 

Bobby Davro
Bobby Davro’s partner, Vicky Wright, died of cancer. (Source: The Sun)

Bobby was devastated to share the news with his fans. He shared the “absolute agony” of watching Vicky fight the disease after officially getting engaged in 2022; he added that Bobby and Vicky were together for 12 years. 

So, Vicky’s left everyone behind; her family, fiance, and no other details about Vicky’s death apart from Cancer have been shared. 

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Details On Vicky Wright Obituary

Vicky Wright, the late actress, died at 63. Her family confirmed the news. Vicky’s daughter shared the news online via a Twitter post. 

Vicky’s daughter, Kelly Wright-Warhurs, posted a caption: “Hello, everyone. Some incredibly devastating news to share as my incredible mum Vicky sadly passed away this morning.

Then she added, “I wanted to use this platform to let you all know, as I know how much she valued all your love and support in so many ways.”

Bobby Davro
 Vicky Wright and her daughter, Kelly Wright-Warhurs. (Source: Mirror)

Fans are shocked by the tragic news and pay their deepest condolences to Vicky and her family through online posts. 

Fans wrote, “This is incredibly sad news; I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. Sending lots of love to you all.” And Denise Welch wrote: “So very sorry,” with three heart emojis. 

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