Viet Trap Mugshot

A media personality Viet Trap Mugshot changed his life after being arrested numerous times. Stay with us to learn more about Protesters of Black Lives Matter, Viet Trap.

Viet Trap is a model and internet personality who came to be known by people after being involved in charges while protesting. 

Trap has been in many interviews after his news about being in jail for five years. But he has not been in prison; charges against him were dropped after some time.

Police confirmed that he did not break any law to get charged or arrested for anything. Many people have got interested in the news regarding Viet Trap. Stay with us to learn more.

Viet Trap Mugshot

A single mugshot changed the life of Trap; he was arrested for supporting the Black Lives protest many times.

A rare data was leaked from the Police during the protest, so two of the protestor, including Viet, were arrested for doing something illegal.

But Protestors raised their voice against them. They asked Police to release them for good, and they have always done the right things.

 Pictured, BLM protesters rally outside Iowa Governor Kim Reynold's office on June 29
Pictured, BLM protesters rally outside Iowa Governor Kim Reynold’s office (Source: Daily Mail)

There has not been much information about the mugshot he faced, although he was just 21 and faced arrest and charges for something he was doing right.

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Black Lives Matter Protester, Viet Trap Arrest, And Charges

A judge dismissed a rarely used felony leak charge against a Viet Trap in Iowa who gave a confidential Police document to a local television news reporter.

Trap showed a Des Moines Police Department bulletin to Eva Andersen, a Journalist for ABC, pictured during an interview that was later released on television and went viral.

After the television was released, he was arrested and sentenced to be charged with five-year jail. But now the charge has been dropped out.

He was arrested because the documents shouldn’t be shown in public. But after, Ferrell mentioned that the compositions shown in ABC did not include intelligence data.

Data is defined under Iowa law as information compiled about individuals to prevent possible criminal activity.

He said the documents only included criminal investigation data, “Because the bulletin at issue, in this case, is not intelligence data, any dissemination of the bulletin is not a crime,” Farrell wrote.

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Trap stayed in jail for three weeks before Ferrell mentioned that the data did not include any intelligence data which shouldn’t be in public.

After much of the investigation and going off and on in the court, the judge decided to drop the charges Trap was facing. 

They mentioned that the protestor did not break the rule, but the person who stole the documents from the Police he would be charged with stealing the essential documents.

Viet Trap was the person who was arrested for doing the right things, although he spent three weeks in jail. Protestors were outside for him to support getting released.

Judge grants pretrial release for Des Moines protester arrested for leak charge, probation violation
Judge grants pretrial release for Des Moines protester arrested for leak charge, probation violation (Source: The Des Moines Register)

Trap has always fought for the right things; he mentioned in an interview that he never got that love and importance from his family, more from his Father.

Therefore, he said he always speaks for right and never back up. 

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