Vilmaris Montalvo

Vilmaris Montalvo, a Pregnant lady, being arrested by local Police was a trending topic back in July 2021.

Montalvo was a language teacher in Arlington; she was on a lunch break, moving towards the hospital to pick up her husband, when she got arrested before reaching the hospital.

During the incident, the video went viral, and people started adding negative comments about the officer who arrested a pregnant lady.

Police were just doing their job when she was speeding the car; they did not see if she was pregnant or if she broke the rules.

So, the news was taken an interest worldwide; people were curious to know what was her charges.

Vilmaris Montalvo, Pregnant Teacher, Stopped And Arrested

Montalvo was arrested when she was found in a speeding car, returning to the hospital to get her husband following the surgery.

Before reaching the hospital, she was arrested by local Police. She noticed a Fort Worth patrol car following her from several miles; she pulled over and explained her situation.

As soon as she pulled over, Police asked her to come out. Police ordered, saying, you are under arrest, ma’am, and don’t make me pull you out.

She started crying and explained that she was pregnant and worried about her child. But in response, Police said, “Why do you think that because you’re pregnant, you don’t have to follow the rules?”

Vilmaris Montalvo was on a tight deadline July 30, 2021.
Vilmaris Montalvo was on a tight deadline of July 30, 2021. (Image Source: Fort Worth Report)

Montalvo did not make it to the hospital, and she was arrested and sent to jail. But after several tickets, she was released.

But that day became lifetime punishment for her, and she frequently had an anxiety attacks after arrest. She couldn’t sleep properly at night, and her life was a mess.

Montalvo was mainly worried about her child not being healthy, and she said that it was hard for her to accept she would be okay with whatever situation she faced.

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What Did Vilmaris Montalvo Do? Where Is She Now?

Montalvo was arrested for speeding her car and released after several tickets. When she was arrested, she was pregnant and feared for her child.

She is probably with her family and children but feels uncomfortable driving alone. She fears that some Police might again catch her.

After being arrested, she started suffering from anxiety, making her pregnancy more complicated. 

Then she decided to file a complaint, in her offense, for not slowing to pass an emergency vehicle.

When she filed a complaint for the first time on August 3, the case concluded by saying there was no policy violation during the traffic stop.

The lady was not okay with the decision, and then she filed a complaint for a second time on August 25; that complaint led to a seven-day suspension of the officer, James Reynolds.

The complaint took a different turn, and the oversight office created its portal and form to accept objections against Fort Worth officers.

When they started accepting the complaints, 125 were submitted within a week. 

Kim Neal was hired by the city of Fort Worth in 2020 to lead the newly formed Office of Police Oversight Monitor.
The city of Fort Worth hired Kim Neal in 2020 to lead the newly formed Office of Police Oversight Monitor. (Source: Fort Worth Report)

So, after the oversight started the investigation, there were nine separate allegations against Reynolds. 

Additionally, Reynolds argued he did not know Montalvo was Hispanic or a woman when he made the arrest.

Although Reynolds was charged with nine separate allegations, Montalvo will never get over the situation she faced. She still worries about being arrested.

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