Vivienne Acheampong

Vivienne Acheampong ethnicity is mixed African with Ghanaian origin, with her parents sharing her family roots in Ghana as her parents are Ghanaian immigrants.

Vivienne Acheampong is a talented actress, comedian, and model in London, UK. She was born in an African family in London in 1984. The 38-year-old celebrity celebrates her birthday on November 30.

Born and raised in London, the actress had a passion for acting since a very young age. Thus, she joined acting institutes in England to further explore her passion.

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Vivienne Acheampong Ethnicity And Parents: Do They Share a Good Relationship

Vivienne Acheampong was born as the daughter of Rose Acheampong and Mr.Acheampong in a working-class family of mixed African ethnicity.

The British celebrity shares a close relationship with her family, especially her parents. Her parents had already migrated from their homeland Ghana to the UK before Vivian was born.

Speaking with Air Mail, The actress said that her parents took good care of her while growing up and supported her throughout her career though her family was not always financially stable.

Mr.Acheampong, her father, was an entrepreneur who wanted her to pursue an undergraduate degree in Psychology, for which she had joined a local University But later left the college upon her sister’s recommendation.

Vivian's Father Mr.Acheampong
Photo of her late father.
Source:(Barbara Instagram)

Vivienne shared her childhood with two siblings,s a brother and a sister. Her brother is away from the public eye, while She has uploaded pictures with her sister Barbara on social media.

Barbara uploaded their photos with an emotional post on Vivian’s birthday, verifying their close relationship. When Vivienne had started her undergraduate program, Barbara informed her about Brit school.

Acheampong sisters
Vivienne with her sister Barbara

Brit school didn’t require fee upon selection and was a perfect platform for Vivenne to explore her passion for acting further. She got selected, which was a significant checkpoint in her successful carer.

Viviene Acheampong Husband: Is She Married?

Viviene Acheampong Husband and relationship status have been a burning question for her fans. According to our sources, Vivian is not married as there is no information regarding her husband and marriage.

She likes to keep her relationship private and has managed to keep such matters away from the media’s spotlight. However, she appeared on an Instagram post as a celebrity power couple with handsome actor Ben Allen.

This may be interpreted as a clue that she is seeing someone, but there is no concrete information on her romantic life, thus there is no proof to back up these claims.

Viviene Acheampong NetWorth: How Much Does She make?

The British celebrity has a net worth of around 2-3 million dollars, most coming from her acting career. Viviene has acted in various movies and Tv shows which accounts for her high net worth.

The talented Vivienne has worked in various comedy sketches and Tv shows like Famalam and The witches and is now the main lead in the Netflix drama “The Sandman,” recently released in August.

Viviene was interested in acting from an early age and joined acting institutes in her hometown to further explore her interests. She also joined a drama school during middle school and took classes regularly.

Vivenne Acheampong
Vivienne Acheampong in the premiere of The Sandman
Source:(Vivenne’s social media)

Viviene’s passion for acting and Her Struggle

Vivienne had also worked as a teacher during her struggling days to support herself financially and continue her struggle in acting. Teaching at a primary school, Vivian had to be strict though she didn’t like it.

Vivienne was passionate about acting; it was during middle school when she was a part of the school’s drama team and showed flashes of her talents to enhance her skill set further.

Vivian joined a theatre nearby where she went for practice daily during high school, loved acting there, and later joined Brit school to continue acting.

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