Waffler 69 ***** has come as a surprise to many as the food-loving TikTok star seemed fine just days ago. In unexpected news, it was announced earlier that the 33-year-old died of a presumed heart ******.

The TikTok star was known for his random choice of foods and combinations, many of which people wouldn’t have even thought of.

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He was known for his adventurous food content, which made him one of the unique content creators in social media.

Waffler 69 ***** Cause

Popular TikTok star Waffler 69 ***** was due to a pulmonary embolism (PE), according to his brother, Clayton Claydorm.

Earlier, Clayton said that his brother died of a presumed heart ******. However, he later gave an update through his social media that Waffler 69 did not die of a heart ****** but of PE.

waffler 69 *****
Waffler 69 ***** came as an unexpected piece of news. (Source: The US Sun)

A pulmonary embolism occurs when a blood clot is stuck in an artery, blocking the blood flow to part of the lung.

Blood clots often start in the legs and travel up into the lungs through the right side of the heart. 

Clayton posted an update on his TikTok profile announcing the passing of his brother.

He said that at 10 pm on Wednesday, January 11, Taylor was rushed to a hospital near his house in Louisiana after experiencing discomfort.

Sadly, the 33-year-old (real name Taylor LeJeune) passed away an hour after getting to the hospital. 

Clayton said that heart problems run through the family, as both his father and grandfather suffer from genetic heart conditions.

He also clarified that he would not continue his brother’s legacy but resume making his content, streaming on Twitch, and sharing healthy recipes.

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Who Was Waffler 69?

Taylor LeJeune, popularly known as Waffler 69, was a social media content creator better known for his peculiar food choice.

The 33-year-old social media sensation was adored by viewers who came to see him eat a weird combination of foods.

waffler retro
A retro artwork of Waffler 69 by artist Bone Fork. (Source: Instagram)

LeJeune was a food enthusiast who loved to share his food findings through his social media.

His most popular videos include him trying a canned cheeseburger, a massive fruit loop, and Batman cereal.

Shortly after announcing his brother’s *****, Clayton said he had started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for funeral and medical expenses.

The fundraiser has already raised more than $17,000, and the money is given to his mother to help her in grieving.

Waffler 69 On TikTok And Instagram

Waffler 69 had a massive following across all social media platforms.

He was most popular on TikTok, where he would upload content regularly. His profile, @waffle69, has amassed a following of 1.9 million as of writing.

waffler tiktok
Waffler’s TikTok profile was full of him eating a strange combination of foods. (Source: TikTok)

Likewise, on Instagram, Taylor had 115K followers on his account, @waffler69. He would post the same videos on Insta as well.

On YouTube, Waffler 69 had 21K subscribers. According to Socialblade, his YouTube account had over 440 videos and made an estimated $123 – $2K monthly, or $1.5K – $23.5K yearly.

Besides, Waffler 69 had partnered with various food-related products and made a respectable income through product promotions and endorsements.

Waffler 69 partnered with Creole Fried Chicken to create a signature seasoning named after him.

He also had his line of merchandise that he sold through various online portals.

Many fans posted their tribute to Waffler 69 following his *****. He was very much liked in his community and will sorely be missed.

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