Patrick Cruiser

Walmart Shooter Patrick Crusius has pleaded guilty to 90 federal charges. Here is more about Patrick Crusius parents, family background, and ethnicity.

Patrick Cruiser is an American citizen who committed one of the deadliest hate crimes against Latino people.

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The incident occurred on August 3, 2019, when a mass shooter entered an El Paso, Texas, Walmart and opened fire at people there.

The far-right perpetrator, Patrick Crusius, killed 23 people and injured another 23.

The incident was investigated as an act of domestic terrorism and hate crime.

It was the deadliest ****** on Latino people in modern American history after the 2016 Orlando nightclub ********.

It is also the deadliest mass ******** in American history to conclude with the killer being caught alive to face legal action.

Twenty minutes before he started the massacre, Patrick posted a manifesto on 8chan, an online messaging board.

He wrote about white nationalist and racial views, blaming Hispanics and immigrants for taking jobs away in the 4-page manifesto entitled “The Inconvenient Truth.” 

Walmart Shooter Patrick Crusius Parents

Walmart Shooter Patrick Crusius parents are Lori and Bryan Crusius.

Patrick’s father, Bryan Cursius, is a therapist with a long history of drug addiction.

He admits in his memoir “Life Enthusiasm: A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery” that his children had to grow up in a broken situation.

patrick crusius parents
Patrick Crusius’s father, Bryan Crusius, is a therapist. (Source: Daily Mail)

Patrick’s mother, Lori, had previously received a caution that his son would be doing something unthinkable.

Following that, she had called the Allen Police Department weeks before the ******** due to a concern that her son, Patrick, owned a firearm.

Family lawyers said that Lori told police about the “AK-type” firearm that Patrick had recently purchased.

Lori was concerned about her 21-year-old son owning the gun, given that he was not mature enough and lacked experience handling such a firearm.

During the police call, the mother was transferred to a public safety officer who told her that her 21-year-old son was legally allowed to purchase the weapon.

Patrick’s mom did not reveal her or her son’s name, and the call concluded after the police did not seek additional information.

Patrick Crusius Mother Called Police A Month Before The ********

After the mass ******** by Patrick Crusius at the El Paso Walmart, reports of the mother’s call began circulating on news portals.

Police searched for their call record and found that they had received a call from the mother more than a month ago.

The records showed that they received a call from the distressed mother on June 27, and the incident occurred on August 3, 2019.

The public safety officer who talked to Patrick’s mother on the phone had asked her twice whether her son was suicidal or had threatened others.

She replied that it was not the case but was worried he did not possess the maturity for such a weapon.

Authorities said her call was “informational” and not motivated by her son’s violent tendencies.

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Patrick Crusius Siblings-Twin Sister And Brothers

Patrick Crusius was the youngest child born to his parents.

His mother, Lori, is his father, Bryan’s second wife. Patrick has a half-brother, Austin Crusius, from his dad’s first marriage.

Bryan Crusius with his three children, Patrick, Emily, and Blake. (Source: Daily Mail)

Born to his biological parents, Patrick has a twin sister Emily and an elder brother Blake Crusius. 

Crusius’ family lawyers said that Patrick was not a volatile, explosive, or erratic behaving child.

A family source said that Patrick was confused about his life path.

He was considering transferring to a University, enlisting in the military, and looking for a full-time job.

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