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Paul Cattermole Depression: After the musician passed away on 6th April 2023, his fans have been curious to learn about his mental health and illness before his demise.

Paul Cattermole was an English singer, actor, and musician. He was born on March 7, 1977, in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England and sadly passed away on 6th April 2023 in Dorset, England.

Cattermole rose to fame in the late 1990s as a member of the pop group S Club 7, which was formed by Simon Fuller and consisted of seven members.

He stayed with S Club 7 until June 2002. The same year, he formed the nu-metal band Skua with his old school friends. However, the band parted ways in 2003, as they failed to sign with a record label and low number of shows.

In October 2008, it was revealed that O’Meara, McIntosh, and Cattermole would resume their performance as S Club 3 after a five-year break.

Although Paul had tasted success in his professional career, the same wasn’t the case with his personal life. His personal life had several ups and downs and in 2014, he had been declared bankrupt.

As a result, in 2018, he announced that he was selling the Brit Award he won with the group in 2000 to raise money to pay several bills.

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Was S Club 7 Paul Cattermole In Depression? Mental Health And Illness Update

Yes, Paul Cattermole had publicly spoken about his struggles with depression following his departure from S Club 7. 

Additionally, Paul had publicly discussed his financial problems, which he says began after he left S Club 7 in 2002.

In a 2018 interview with The Sun, Cattermole revealed that he was struggling to make ends meet and had to sell his S Club 7 memorabilia to pay his bills.

He stated that he had difficulty finding work after leaving the group and had accumulated significant debts. He also mentioned that he had to undergo several surgeries, which further added to his financial burden.

Paul Cattermole Depression
Paul Cattermole was declared bankrupt in 2014. (Source: Daily Mail)

In an effort to improve his financial situation, Cattermole auctioned off his Brit Award in 2028, which he won with S Club 7 in 2000. The bidding eventually ended at £66,100 but the winning bidder was unable to pay up.

After Paul got bankrupt in 2014, he was leading a financially poor life to a point that he couldn’t even afford a shirt to wear for the interview.

Despite his financial difficulties, Cattermole remained positive and grateful for the experiences he had as a member of S Club 7.

Before his death, Paul also expressed his appreciation for the support he has received from his fans and stated that he is determined to move forward and continue pursuing his passion for music and performing.

How Did Paul Cattermole Pass Away?

The news of Paul Cattermole’s death has gone viral online. S Club 7 performer Paul Cattermole passed away at the age of 46.

Although his cause of death hasn’t been revealed, the band’s manager reportedly said there weren’t any “suspicious circumstances” surrounding his passing.

Paul Cattermole Depression
Paul Cattermole’s death comes off as a big shock to everyone. (Source: Daily Record)

S Club 7 announced in February that they would tour the UK and Ireland for 11 dates. Hits like Bring It All Back, Reach, and Never Had A Dream Get True would be played.

A Look At His Personal Life

The musician was raised by his mother, Liz Cattermole, and his father, Gerald Cattermole. Paul was raised alongside two brothers named Martin and Colin and a sister named Treena.

Speaking of his love life, the singer was never married. Before his demise, he was in a beautiful relationship with his fellow bandmate Hannah Spearritt. They dated for several years.

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