Susan Wojcicki Fired

Was Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki fired? People have been curious to know why Wojciki is leaving and more about her earnings. 

Wojcicki is a technology Executive who served as the CEO of YouTube from 2014 to 2023. 

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She played a crucial role in Google; she started as the Company’s first marketing manager in 1999 and eventually led its online advertising business and original video service.

Wojcicki is known for her significant contributions to the tech industry, particularly in online advertising and video content.

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Before becoming Google’s first marketing manager, she worked for Intel Corporation. 

After it has been annouched that the CEO has been replaced, people are curious to learn more about the reason behind it. 

Was Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki Fired?

No, the Youtube CEO Susan was not fired; it was her decision, and she shared about residing from the post on Thursday. 

Neal Mohan, chief product officer, will take the lead position and serve as the CEO from now; it has been updated about the CEO on different sites and online portals. 

Wojcicki mentioned that she will still work with Youtube teams and management but will not give her full-time as CEO.

“Today, after nearly 25 years here, I’ve decided to step back from my role as the head of YouTube and start a new chapter focused on my family, health, and personal projects I’m passionate about,” she mentioned in a post she shared. 

Susan Wojcicki shared about stepping from her position as CEO of Youtube on Thursday.
On Thursday, Susan Wojcicki shared about stepping from her position as CEO of Youtube. (Image Source: Twitter)

Wojcicki mentioned that she chose to step down from the position for herself; she decided to leave because she believes Youtube has excellent leadership and good team working for. 

The former CEO has worked very hard with Neal Mohan, and she mentioned that it was tough to keep up with all that after the pandemic. 

She also said that she is happy with the replacement and Mohan will have outstanding leadership. 

Susan Wojcicki’s Career Earning And Net Worth

The ex-CEO has reportedly mentioned having great earnings from her career as CEO.

After learning about the success of YouTube, she suggested that Google should look after and the deal was approved for $1.65 billion in 2006. 

As per Wikipedia, her net worth was estimated to be $765 million in 2022. And her basic salary was $374,829 during her time at Alphabet subsidiary YouTube.

Sometimes her salary might be higher with the bonus and achievements which has yet to be shared in public.

The net worth or salary of 2023 has yet to be disclosed, and she might have been earning a little more in 2023 as her salary increases yearly. 

Wojcicki worked with the current CEO Neal Mohan for more than 15 years, so she believed he was the right person to lead. 

From Google's first marketing manager to multi-billionaire.
From Google’s first marketing manager to a multi-billionaire. (Image Source: SDGLN)

Hopefully, her current net worth might get updated after she has resigned from her position to spend quality time with her family. 

Additionally, the ex-CEO might have other sources of income like business and investments, which she has kept secret. 

She has had a successful career in the tech industry and has held high-level positions at both Google and YouTube.

Wojcicki had made her career worth a million dollars, and along with earning money, she has gained fame through her career. 

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