DC Karen Identity

Washington DC Karen identity was banned from Uber after she commented racist words leading to abuse to the driver a few days ago in Washington DC. This came to acknowledgment publically through a viral video.

A Twitter account encircling community news in the region re-communicated the observer video on Wednesday, attracting global attention and more than two million views in a matter of hours.

Soon Social media users started to raise their voices against the issue as it has gone viral among internet users and is associated with a critical matter.

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What Happened In Washington DC Concerning Viral Video Of Uber Abuse?

The news has been circulating all along the media outlet regarding the viral video where the woman is seen using slur words to an Uber driver resulting in harassment and abuse through his sentiments.

‘DC Karen’ banned from Uber after disturbing caught-on-camera racist tirade
‘DC Karen’ banned from Uber after disturbing caught-on-camera racist tirade [Source- The Daily Star]
The case was recorded by a passerby and has since gone viral, ultimately leading to the woman being banned from the ride-sharing app later that day. The viewers noticing the wrongdoing of the person, have decided not to let her go without punishment.

As seen on video, she used the n-word multiple times, loudly screaming at him. As the duo’s identity is not revealed, the woman is dubbed on social media as the ‘DC Karen.’ 

DC Karen Identity Banned From Uber After Racist Abuse At Driver

When seeing the clip, the case of DC Karen’s identity was banned from uber after her racist abuse came out publically. The video shows that the woman was aggressive towards him even though the driver maintained a gap.

It is acknowledged that the woman had asked for a charger from the driver, but he refused to give her since he was using it. So due to this reason, she got aggressive towards him and started shouting and using the n-word.

The social media users have pointed out that the woman was racist towards him due to his skin color and mentioned being an enslaved person and many more aggressive words.

However, the driver was trying to avoid the violent way, but when she started being too harsh on him, he was tired of her, and he also mentioned her as a “Bi**h.”

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An anonymous white woman abuses an Uber driver after he refuses to give her his phone charger.
An anonymous white woman abuses an Uber driver after he refuses to give her his phone charger [Source- MEAWW]

What Were Legal Measures Taken In The Racist Abuse Case?

The Metropolitan Police Department has asserted that without an authorized complaint, it cannot open its inquiry, so it does not look like any charges have been levied on her.

Even though there is considerable hype about this matter all over social media, the official complaint is yet to be filed. Soon, the victim or the witness may take steps to protect human rights.

If she gets detained for the complaint, she may soon be getting harsh punishment due to her Behavior. 

Also, the Company, which has its headquarters in Silicon Valley, mentioned directly under the post sharing the footage, writing, ‘Behavior like this is never okay. We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination.’

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