Blake Shelton and John Legend, voice coaches, are the "oddest couple" as they parody '70s sitcoms.

Blake Tollison Shelton is a singer-songwriter and television personality. Throughout his career, he has received eight Grammy nominations.

John Roger Stephens is an American singer, songwriter, and producer better known by his stage name John Legend.

The two actors play housemates in a package that will broadcast during Tuesday's series finale of the N.B.C. singing competition series and parodies the 1970s comedy The Odd Couple.

The video clip opens with a montage of Shelton and Legend's time spent as housemates, just as in a classic sitcom. When Shelton munches on chips on their couch, Legend is nearby with a vacuum.

The legend mentions the "Christmas Party" he and Shelton are throwing at their home after the introduction.

Legend informs Shelton that he is in charge of the cuisine as he consults his Party planning spreadsheet. Shelton responds that he has prepared his "famous holiday dip."

With their humorous parody of the '70s comedy, Blake Shelton and John Legend are aiming to make fans laugh during the season finale of The Voice.

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