The Bobby Petrino affair story has gained a lot of attention, and fans are interested in learning more.

Bobby Petrino was a successful football coach who won the league MVP award in 1981 and 1982 while guiding the "Fighting Saints" to three consecutive championships.

He was in a motorcycle accident in 2012, which raised questions about his health.

He lost his job as the head football coach in April 2012 due to failing to report his relationship with a former volleyball player from Arkansas whom he hired and paid $20,000 in cash.

Due to the payment, the school might have been exposed to a sexual harassment claim.

Jessica Dorrell, Bobby Petrino's assistant, and he have been dating for more than a year. He sent her candy, called her a "dear friend," and claimed that their lunchtime kiss last fall was the start of the affair that cost him his job.

326 phone calls and 7,228 SMS were exchanged between the two beginning in April 2011, according to the university's research.

When it became apparent that she wanted to apply for a position with him that he wanted her to "earn," Petrino and Dorrell allege that they ended their intimate relationship.

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