Dominik Mysterio, a professional wrestler, confirmed his engagement with Marie Juliette.

In high school, Mysterio first met Marie Juliette. Together, they attended Spanish classes, and in 2011, they began dating.

Dominik Mysterio of the WWE announced his engagement on his Instagram page on January 2.

 Mysterio posted a picture of himself and his significant other holding hands and a ring on her finger.

After starting his pro wrestling training in 2019, Mysterio joined his well-known Father in the WWE television lineup.

At WrestleMania Backlash 2021, the father-and-son tandem won the SmackDown tag belts, making them the first tag team champions in WWE history. 

Two months later, The Usos would defeat them for the title, beginning the most extended WWE tag team championship reign in the organization's history.

The Judgment Day member and his Father had been at odds on television for several months.

He recently had kayfabe arrested after a fight on Christmas Eve with his parents.

Dominik Mysterio suggested another character shift on the most recent edition of RAW by saying in a promo that "jail changes a man.