American professional wrestler Cody Rhodes is from America. He is presently a wrestler and Executive vice president for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a Company.

As both his Father, Dusty Rhodes, and grandpa Buddy Colt were professional wrestlers, Rhodes comes from the third generation of wrestlers.

In the WWE, Cody Rhodes has loftier ambitions than Seth Rollins IV.

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On this week's Monday Night Raw, Cody Rhodes made his first WWE TV appearance in months, appearing via video link

"The American Nightmare" made a video appearance to discuss his significant comeback at WrestleMania 38 and what lies ahead in 2023.

While he did not mention his progress toward recovery or his target return date,

he did make a not-so-subtle suggestion about continuing his quest for the WWE Championship

Rhodes made waves when he said that he "isn't exactly begging" for a fourth match with Seth Rollins when questioned about his plans and whether or not they would involve the eagerly awaited game.

There is a relationship between Seth and me that I am not aware of, even though Radar claims we aren't the greatest of friends and won't send each other Christmas cards. I am aware that he is likely pleading for a fourth match.

Along with the Universal Championship, Cody is vying for the WWE Championship, which Roman Reigns currently hold.

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