‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ star Donna Reed quietly kept WWII letters from soldiers for decades, daughter says

Several years after the Hollywood star's passing, Mary Owen made a startling revelation about her mother, Donna Reed.

In 2003, Donna Reed and Tony Owen's daughter found six shoe boxes containing more than 350 letters from World War II veterans.

For over 40 years, the mother had meticulously preserved them in a trunk kept in her Beverly Hills, California, House garage.

Nobody wanted to discuss WWII once it was ended since everyone had taken part, Owen said Fox News Digital. "I knew nothing about these letters," you said.

 in the holiday classic "It's a Wonderful Life," passed away in 1986 at 64.

Reed, an Oscar-winning Actress best known for portraying devoted wife Mary Hatch Bailey

She was one of several famous people from the entertainment industry who enthusiastically contributed to the war effort to encourage the American soldiers.

Reed was a well-known pinup at the time, which aided in keeping the spirits of our men stationed far from home. 

Every soldier who wrote to her from bases and battlegrounds wished for a signed picture of the glamorous woman.