DRS Gaming Members: Deepesh Gurung, Shahas Bhandari, Subin Kumar Prajapati And Sangin Bhattarai

DRS Gaming from Nepal finished second in the PMGC 2022.

Da Real Soldiers, aka DRS Gaming, is a Nepali PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround (PUBG) Mobile team formed in August 2020.

Their current roster consists of Deepesh Gurung, Shahas Bhandari, Subin Kumar Prajapati, and Sangin Bhattarai.

The team was one of the 16 finalists in the 2022 PUBG Mobile Grand Championship (PMGC). It joined Trained To Kill (T2K) as the two Nepali finalists.

By finishing second in the three-day grand final LAN event held in Jakarta, Indonesia, DRS Gaming received a whopping $200,000, the highest prize by any Nepali team.

DRS Gaming’s in-game leader (IGL) is Subin Kumar Prajapati, aka RuLzSR.

DRS Gaming squad returns to Nepal after finishing second in the PMGC.

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