Georgina Njenga's Leaked Nude Videos Go Viral

Georgina Njenga is a trending topic on social media due to the leak of nude videos of her.

Tyler Mbaya, a former Actor known as Baha, is Njenga's boyfriend. The two have addressed the situation on social media.

Njenga has suggested that her ex-boyfriend may have been responsible for the leak due to his dissatisfaction with her new relationship with Mbaya.

In October 2022, there were rumors that Njenga and Mbaya had broken up, but Njenga denied these rumors.

Njenga claims that the content in the leaked videos was recorded when she was 17 years old and in a relationship with someone she liked.

After Njenga made her relationship with Mbaya public, her ex-boyfriend threatened her.

Njenga's ex-boyfriend has denied being responsible for the leak and claims that the two were previously friends with benefits.

Despite the leak, Mbaya has supported Njenga, and the two are still together.