The marketing for Gwen Stefani's 2004 album has been defended against accusations of cultural appropriation.

Musician Gwen Stefani has come under Fire for remarks she made in an interview with Allure magazine to promote her beauty line GXVE that alluded to her passion for Japan.

In the story released on Tuesday, 53-year-old Stefani spoke extensively about her inspirations from Japan.

While reflecting on a trip to Japan, she told writer Jesa Marie Calaor, "My goodness, I'm Japanese and didn't realize it.

Stefani remarked in response to a question regarding her earlier attempts at cosmetics, particularly her "Harajuku Lovers" scent collection from 2008.

Her solo album "Love.Angel.Music.Baby" was followed by the perfume "Harajuku Lovers," whose marketing and artwork significantly referenced the vibrant Japanese underground scene.

In recent years, Stefani has come under Fire for allegedly appropriating Japanese culture in the 2000s.

In response, Stefani explained that her Father frequently traveled to Japan on business and that she found the stories he brought back "fascinating."

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