Is Laura Tobin Related To Tony Tobin? Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

There is not even a slight chance of Laura Tobin being related to Tony Tobin; yes, they share the same family name, but they don’t have any relationship.

Laura is a broadcast meteorologist; she is currently working in Good Morning Britain, which was before known as Daybreak. She worked for BBC for a specific time and was sifted to Daybreak in 2012.

Whereas Tony is a celebrity chef who has often been on BBC food shows; along with BBC, he has been involved in many other food shows and gained many fans and followers.

Chef Tony Tobin during the show Ready, Steady, cook.

Laura Tobin shared a picture with her daughter, who is now 5

According to the Source, the meteorologist’s net worth is $5 million, and her primary source of income is from her career as a broadcaster.

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