American television personality Kate Gosselin initially rose to fame on the reality series "Jon & Kate Plus 8," which followed the lives of her, Jon Gosselin, their eight kids, and other family members.

Kate Gosselin recently discussed her "intense" experience on FOX's reality series Special Forces: World's Toughest Test.

Kate Gosselin is the first candidate eliminated in the Special Forces premiere episode after suffering a neck injury during the first round

Celebrity recruits will test their courage as heroes over ten days.

On the first day, the recruits are instructed to enter a water tank and immediately exit it. Kate Gosselin needs assistance leaving.

Kate cried and said she was "terrified of water and heights."

Following her dive, Kate begins to have a neck ache. A doctor examines her and determines that she requires an X-ray at the hospital.

Kate Gosselin adds that she was inspired to do the show by her kids

She admits, "I truly wanted great mom points in secret, especially from my guys. "Obviously, I'd have a higher chance of succeeding if I were in my 20s

Kate also told the outlet that she set reasonable standards for herself and concentrated on making her kids proud of her.