Mia Zapata Death: American Musician Was Murdered By Jesus Mezquia In 1993

Mia Zapata’s Death significantly impacted the Seattle music community, and her music continues to be remembered and celebrated by fans and friends.

Mia Zapata was an American musician best known as the lead singer for the Seattle punk band The Gits. 

Zapata was a powerful and charismatic performer known for her raw, emotional singing style and stage presence.

Tragically, Zapata’s life was cut short in July 1993 when she was murdered by By Jesus Mezquia after leaving a Seattle bar.

The case remained unsolved for nearly a decade until DNA evidence helped to secure a conviction for her killer in 2004. The perpetrator of the crime was Jesus Mezquia.

Mia Zapata With Her Band Members

Zapata’s death was a significant loss for the Seattle music scene and punk community. Her memory is honored by music lovers, friends, and fans worldwide.

Mia Zapata Photo and band In 1993

On July 7th, 1993, Zapata had gone out to a Seattle bar with friends after a night of performances with her band. At around 2:30 am, she left the bar and headed home, but she never returned.

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