Miley Cyrus wants off a song they've recorded, according to Morrissey.

On December 23-24, Morrissey announced a split with his record label, Capitol Records, via his website.

Miley Cyrus has asked to be removed from the finished album, which is currently in the works.

Morrissey and Cyrus collaborated on the song "I Am Veronica" in the studio, but Cyrus now wants her vocals removed.

Morrissey has also voluntarily parted ways with Maverick/Quest management.

Morrissey's album, "Bonfire of Teenagers," was supposed to be released in February 2023, but Capitol Records has now taken over distribution.

Morrissey abruptly ended a performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles in November after about half an hour.

Morrissey has made divisive political and racial remarks that have turned off some of his fans and colleagues.

Morrissey re-shared the video for his cover of Melanie's "Some Say I Got Devil" on Christmas Day, along with the lyrics to the song "And all the things that I have seen qualify me for a part in your dreams."