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Green founded the band Modest Mouse, known for the song "Float On."

 Modest Mouse drummer has been identified as having late-stage cancer.

Modest Mouse's lead vocalist Isaac Brock posted on the band's Instagram page that drummer Jeremiah Green had been diagnosed with Cancer and was now receiving treatment.

Green's last performance was on November 30 in Oakland, California, after he was cut from the band's most recent tour owing to his treatment.

In Oakland, California, on November 30, Green gave his final performance before being dropped off the band's most recent tour due to his medical issues.

He intends to return to the road this spring in South America. He still has roughly four weeks of radiation and chemotherapy left.

Since helping to form the group in 1992, Green has served as its drummer.

Modest Mouse was founded in 1992 by Green, Brock, and bassist Eric Judy.

Green has been a group member for their 30-year career, except for a brief break from 2003–2004.

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