Stephen Curry is forced to leave the Warriors-Pacers game due to a left shoulder injury.

Stephen Curry started Wednesday night unsure whether he would play at Indiana because of a sore right knee.

He finished last night's game in the locker room with an injured left shoulder.

Curry suffered an injury with just over two minutes remaining in the third quarter as the Warriors attempted to come back from a 20-point hole at the break.

Curry, however, attempted to block Pacers forward Jalen Smith by reaching out with his left arm as he dribbled toward the basket.

Midway through the fourth quarter, the trainers informed Warriors coach Steve Kerr that the player wouldn't return.

Curry declined to take questions after scoring 38 points, hitting five three-pointers, and making all 11 free throws. He's expected to speak to reporters again on Friday.

"This is a tough stretch of the season, and if Steph's out, it gets tougher for sure," Kerr said. "If we're healthy, we can beat anyone — and this team has proven that.