Robert De Niro's New York City townhouse was broken into while he was at home.

A woman was charged with burglary after being allegedly caught trying to steal gifts from under Robert De Niro's Christmas tree in New York City.

According to the Police, Shanice Aviles, 30, entered the basement of the Actors building on Monday at 02:45 (07:45 GMT), where she later discovered evidence of a forced entrance.

According to sources, the 79-year-old actor heard the disturbance and went downstairs in his dressing gown.

De Niro's spokesman stated that the Actor was fine and had no further comment.

He said that the house he was temporarily renting is where the alleged Upper East Side crime occurred.

According to a representative for the New York Police Department, officers pursued Ms. Aviles into the apartment-

 where they allegedly discovered her trying to transfer gifts from the tree into her bag in the living room.

Officers allegedly had no idea that the house belonged to De Niro. The inquiry, according to a Police spokeswoman, is ongoing.

Two-time Academy Award winner De Niro was born and raised in Manhattan.