American Journalist "T. J." Holmes, Jr. is a well-known face on national television. Holmes first rose to fame on a national level while working as a CNN anchor and correspondent.

A few weeks after his relationship with his "GMA 3" cohost Amy Robach ended, T.J. Holmes is formally ending his marriage by filing for divorce from his estranged wife, Marilee Fiebig.

In New York City on Wednesday, Holmes, 45, filed the paperwork following a nearly 13-year marriage.

In March 2010, Holmes and Fiebig, both 45, became husband and wife. In January 2013, their daughter Sabine was born.

When rumors of the purported office romance first surfaced in late November, the two had been estranged for a while but were still attempting to "work things out."

Holmes acknowledged that he had given her "plenty of grounds" to leave him throughout their marriage in a cringe-inducing 10th-anniversary tribute to Fiebig that she uploaded online in March 2020.

After Daily Mail published a series of flirtatious images of Amy and T.J. enjoying time together in NYC, the two made significant news.

Later It was confirmed they'd been in a serious relationship for several weeks

Marilee and T.J. were married in March 2010 and had a daughter in 2013; nevertheless, it is now abundantly evident that he is actively pursuing a relationship with Amy.

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