The lawsuit against Taylor Swift over the lyrics of "Shake It Off" has been dismissed.

A settlement has been struck between Taylor Swift and two songwriters.

Who contends she copied their lyrics for her blockbuster song "Shake It Off" to end the five-year-old copyright dispute.

Swift was sued for copyright infringement in 2017 by songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler,

who claimed that the lyrics to her 2014 hit "Shake It Off" infringed on the Hall and Butler-penned "Playas Gon' Play," which was released by R&B girl group 3LW in 2000.

According to the RIAA, Swift's song received three Grammy Award nominations and achieved diamond status in 2020 after having amassed more than 10 million sales and streams.

convey the idea that one can or should shrug off adversity" but that she had never heard of "Playas Goin' Play."

Swift claimed that "players going to play" and "haters going to hate" are frequently used to "

However, that was sufficient for a previous judge to reverse an earlier dismissal of the case, which had been in the courts for five years.

A federal judge dismissed it in 2018, but an appeals court restored the lawsuit the following year.

Still, Swift attorney Peter Anderson is contending that new information proves the plaintiffs' allegations are baseless enough not to warrant a trial.

The case is scheduled to go before a jury at an undisclosed later date.

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