Many people wonder why the show's main character is named Wednesday.

 The creators of Wednesday wanted to pay tribute to one of the most beloved and iconic characters in film history - Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. 

Like the Addams Family, Wednesday is dark and mysterious but incredibly strong and independent.

In contrast to The Addams Family adaptations, where Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) is typically a young girl, Wednesday shows her as a teenager sent to the boarding school Nevermore Academy after attempting to kill several classmates.

Upon first glance, the name may seem odd to the main protagonist. However, upon further investigation, it's clear why Wednesday was chosen as the title character's name.

Wednesday is symbolic of the transition point between the mundane grind of everyday life and a moment of magic and wonder.

The real story behind the main character Wednesday's name in the new Netflix original series is surprisingly poignant.

Wednesday is the show's main protagonist, and her name is given in homage to Wednesday Addams, the beloved daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams from the iconic 1960s TV show.

 Wednesday is a strong, independent young woman with a mysterious past, just like Wednesday Addams. 

The shared name between them emphasizes the connection between the two characters—a link that underscores Wednesday's determined strength and courage throughout the series.

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