Why is 'Lois Griffin Dead' trending? TikTok Prank Goes Viral

In December 2022, there were rumors on social media that Lois Griffin from the animated series "Family Guy" had died.

The rumors began as a prank by TikTok and Twitter users.

The prank involved people filming themselves and telling others about Lois' alleged death, which caused viewers to be confused and have mixed reactions.

The rumors fueled speculation about Lois' voice Actress, Alex Borstein, who is still alive and well.

Lois was almost killed by her son Stewie in a previous episode of "Family Guy," but she survived, and the murder was revealed to be part of a virtual reality simulation.

The 21st "Family Guy" season premiered on FOX on September 25, 2022, and airs every Sunday at 9.30 pm EST.

For those who missed the live broadcast, episodes of the show are available on Hulu.

Despite popular belief, Lois Griffin is not dead.