Wendie Renard Husband

The interest regarding Wendie Renard husband has increased to many folds as the name of Herve Renard is connected with the footballer.

Wendie Renard’s career has been associated with Olympique Lyonnais Féminin (Lyon), one of the world’s most successful women’s football clubs.

She joined Lyon’s youth academy in 2003, and in 2006, she made her debut for the senior team at just 16 years old and has remained an integral part of the team.

Wendie Renard is known for her commanding presence in defence, excellent aerial abilities, and leadership skills.

With an impressive stature of 6 feet 2 inches (1.87 meters), she poses a formidable presence both defensively and offensively during set pieces.

Besides her defensive skills, Renard has also displayed versatility by occasionally playing as a forward during her early career.

With Lyon, Renard has achieved tremendous success, winning numerous domestic league titles, French Cups, and UEFA Women’s Champions League titles.

The article discusses the marital life of the French footballer and her relationship with the French coach Herve Renard.

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Wendie Renard Husband Or Boyfriend: Is She Married?

Wendie has deliberately kept her romantic relationships away from the public eye, adding an intriguing dimension to her personal life.

Consequently, details regarding her romantic involvements remain a mystery, but it is known that she is not married now.

From a young age, her sole aspiration was to become a professional football player, a dream she held dearly even during school.

Wendie Renard Husband
Specifics concerning Wendie’s romantic relationships are undisclosed, but it is evident that she is currently unmarried (Source: Sky Sports)

Since her youth, Wendie Renard has been a prominent figure in representing the French national team, Les Bleues.

She made her senior debut in 2011 and has since become a vital asset to the national team’s defensive lineup.

Throughout her career, Wendie has received numerous individual awards and accolades, solidifying her status as one of the finest defenders in the sport.

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French Coach: Is Wendie Renard Related To Hervé Renard?

Despite having a similar family name, the football player Wendie Renard and the coach Herve Renard are unrelated.

Born Hervé Jean-Marie Roger Renard, he is a well-known French football coach and former player managing the France women’s national team.

As a coach, he has gained significant recognition for his expertise and achievements in football.

With a vast sports background, he enjoyed a career as a professional footballer before transitioning to coaching.

Throughout his coaching career, Renard has honed his skills and earned a reputation for his tactical acumen and ability to motivate players.

Wendie Renard Husband
Herve resolved the controversy by including Wendie in his first squad as the manager of the France women’s national team (Source: Le Monde)

His dedication and passion for the game have led him to take charge of various teams and achieve notable success.

Renard’s appointment as the France women’s national team manager highlights the trust and confidence placed in him by the football authorities.

Leading a national team is a prestigious and demanding role that speaks volumes about his capabilities as a coach.

In recent news, Herve has ended the controversy surrounding the France women’s national team as he includes Wendie in his inaugural squad as the team’s manager.

Not long ago, the team’s captain had declared her intention to step down from international duty in protest.

Along with other prominent players, defender Wendie Renard expressed discontent with the previous manager, Corinne Diacre.

However, with Diacre’s departure and Herve Renard’s appointment, the situation has improved, leading to the star players’ return to the squad.

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